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Friday, March 15, 2013
More backdated mirror OOTDs! I don't even remember when I took these but my hair doesn't even look like this anymore. But then again my hair never really looks drastically different haha.

| Top - Bangkok | Shorts - Online |

| (same as above haha) |

| Dress - | Earrings - Chanel |

| Top - H&M | Grey cardigan - Uhhh? | Skirt - Bangkok | Necklace - Tiffany & Co. |

| Dress, bangle - F21 | Bag - Chanel |

| Top - Topshop | High-low skirt - Frockettes |

One of my favorite slouchy tops ever! Always for those dress-down days.
Shorts DIYed from jeans ^_^

| Top - Online | Skirt - Ohsofickle | Tassel earrings - Bugis Village | Double tour bracelet - Marc by Marc Jacobs | Clutch - Typo? Cotton On? It's a pencilcase haha |

| Top - G2000 haha bought it for my internship | Shorts - Online | Bag - Cotton On |

Skirt is too small for me :(
And wtf my hair's condition... seriously

| Top - H&M | Shorts - Bangkok | Bag - Balenciaga |
| Necklace - Soeurs @ Cineleisure | Bracelet - ASOS |

People like Before - Afters right? Hahahaha. Nah. Before & After.

And these are super backdated photos of the tiramisu I got from The Tiramisu Hero
Peggy picked those pictures & made those cute cutouts for me haha.
I feel like having her tiramisu now... :(

Ok happy weekend everyone! I am at home alone on a Friday night :(
On a sidenote Qiuting just gave me a whole bunch of face masks :)
I shall try to be conscientious & use them!
Wtf where is my dedication to my schoolwork hahaha.
11 comments on "OOTDs"
  1. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Hi soapz! You look extremely stunning on the third photo! The dress and the hairdo make you much more prettier than usual days! You should do this hairstyle more! Look so elegant and pretty!

    - K

  2. Love that yellow skirt (thats too small for you lol)
    MMMM tiramisu so yummm :D

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁

  3. I love the third photo. Your outfit, hair, and makeup look so good. -Hanna

  4. Aaah I really love your clothes ^^

  5. You have such nice style! Love the forever 21 dress <3

  6. Waaa, I want the tiramisu T.T

  7. Really love your style! I like the studded headband hehe ^_^

  8. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Hi Sophie!

    How do you make your denim DIY cutoffs "furry" at the bottom? I have no idea how to make them! Would be really appreciative if you could share! Thank you! :D

  9. Have you got a new blog layout? Love it!! ^^ I like your ootds, especially the yellow skirt! Wish it was warmer to wear that here! ><

  10. I envy your figure & you have amazing style!

  11. You dress nice like every day o.o Very pretty. and so damn skinny! Pretty girl. :)