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Samsung GALAXY Camera

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
I got to play around with the new Samsung GALAXY Camera for a few days to review it & first off what was the most exciting for me about this new camera is that... it has 3G & WIFI O.O

Seriously, it's PRACTICALLY A PHONE. Except that it's also an awesome camera.

First off, I looked for the slot to insert the normal SD card used in cameras.
I was stunned to see "SIM Card" & "MicroSD" slots instead (I hadn't read the introduction to the camera yet - I mean really, nobody reads those manuals/Quick Start guide thingys)!

And then I turned on the camera & realised... IT HAS EMAIL & APPS LIKE INSTAGRAM.

At this point... I am ashamed to say that I actually started searching for a mouthpiece on the camera...
Thought I really received a phone hahaha.

So ok, turned out it was not a phone haha. Well it's not a phone in the sense that it can't make phone calls, but the Samsung GALAXY Camera can do everything else! And ALSO take great photos!

Here are some basic technical details about the camera:

 4.8" HD SUPER CLEAR LCD Touch Display with 3G & Wi-Fi Connectivity
♡ Android™ 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) platform for smooth multitasking
♡ Sharing capabilities via Share Shot, Buddy Photo Share & ChatON Photo Share
♡ Better image & zoom quality with 16 megapixels & 21X optical zoom

Camera size in comparison to my face; it has a curved right edge for easy gripping!

Pop-out flash

When fully zoomed out

Side button to activate the flash super quickly & easily! I find this really convenient instead of having to search for it in the settings on your screen before taking a photo.

Very clean & user-friendly interface with 3 simple categories - Auto, Smart & Expert
Within Expert you can do all your usual customizations of iSO, shutter speed, exposure.. etc!

Under the Smart category are lots of options for you to play around with:

Viewing photos:

Tap the screen to get options like Instagram, sharing (email, direct transfer... etc), delete...
I love the scrollable bar at the bottom as well where you can get a super quick glance at all photos!

Pinch to zoom in & out on the camera! So convenient!

The Samsung GALAXY Camera also has SO MANY EDITING OPTIONS :O
It's has tons of built-in filters & other customizations! :O

Really very impressive! Essentially you can do everything on this camera & then simply upload it straight to Instagram/Facebook/email/etc!

Easily adjust your exposure, color settings, add decorations... etc

Filters! Here I picked the Soft Glow & I think it turned out really nice!

Original picture, untouched:

After editing:

See? Instantly Instagram-able!

And I did!

Speaking of Instagram, look at how many programs & apps the camera has:

It runs on Android OS, so you can basically download ANY compatible apps!

So you could... actually play Angry Birds or Candy Crush on your camera O.O

Getting Internet on your camera is also super easy:
You can connect to your home/school/work/etc wireless network, or even to your phone's if you're out!

Logging in to Instagram on the camera! It has an easy-to-use touchscreen keyboard, just like a phone.

Can't believe I'm surfing Instagram on a CAMERA hahaha.

Here are photos taken by the Samsung GALAXY Camera!
Lighting, colour tone, etc... were untouched!

The all-important ability to take mirror reflection photos...

There is a dedicated Macro mode (found under Expert), but I took these photos below as per normal in Auto mode & they already came out really clear with sharp details!

Starting playing around with the different filter effects in Auto mode!
Simply swipe up at the bottom to display all the filters:

Here's an example of some filters you can find in Auto!

Tried the Pastel Sketch first:

Haha it makes my penguin look so cute!

Then I randomly tried this filter called...


It instantly makes the picture look so interesting!

Tried out a whole bunch of other fun filters too! 
The Samsung GALAXY Camera has MANY more than those shown here.

See! I still love the Nostalgia one!

More filters:

After playing around with some other filters I... went back to Nostalgia hahaha.
And into a bit of overdrive :x

Here's another normal picture taken with Auto; already looks sharp & good!

Same photo taken with Nostalgia:
NICE NOT?! I love the colors!

A lot of times your phone's camera doesn't take that good a picture so they're not "Instagram-worthy".
Like for me I actually don't post that many pictures straight from my phone, & NEVER any taken with iPhone 4S' atrocious front camera *facepalm*

And sometimes I'm in a dilemma whether to use my phone or my camera for a photo/outing because on one hand I want to be able to upload them quickly & try them out with app filters, while on the other hand I still want a collection of GOOD photos from that day! 
So sometimes what I have to do is... Take photos with both -__-

With the Samsung GALAXY Camera you can take lots of pictures that already don't need any editing! But if you want to, the camera has so many options for you to play with & to discover your favorites!
And then... you can upload them straight to Instagram/Facebook/your blog/etc O.O
Super convenient!
Snap & upload!

♡ ♡ 

Want to win a Samsung GALAXY Camera then? :D
It's super easy! All you have to do is Like, Share or Comment on photos to be stand a chance to win!

Simply go to the Samsung I WAS THERE application:

Samsung reports have been covering various events to capture unique experiences with the GALAXY Camera! These events are in line with passions for many of us:

One of these events include the CAPTURE DESMOND TAN EVENT!
And here's where you can win a Samsung GALAXY Camera!

Firstly go to the Event Gallery -> Fashion Shoot With Desmond

This particular gallery involves behind-the-scenes photos of Desmond Tan having a photoshoot with 3 contest winners, who had previously submitted ideas on how they wanted to dress him!

Now all YOU have to do, is Like, Share or Comment on any of these behind-the-scenes photos!
Of course if you do all 3 & do it on many photos, then your chances are increased!

There are the 3 albums by the 3 contest winners - Emily, Joyce & Marcus

So here are a few examples!
This is currently one of the most popular photos!

Here are some other photos that you can choose to Like, Share or Comment on to stand a chance to win the Samsung GALAXY Camera! It's entirely up to you which photos you decide to choose.

You can comment anything as well, from technical aspects to your opinion on the clothes!

See? It's really very simple!

If you win the Samsung GALAXY Camera you can start to snap photos & upload them right away!
So give it a try, here are the steps once again:

1. Go to Samsung's I WAS THERE application
2. Event Gallery -> Fashion Shoot With Desmond
3. Look through the 3 albums & pick a photo you like
4. Like, Share or Comment on it!

That's it! :D
You can also check out the many other events in the gallery featuring people like Mr Brown & Skarf!

14 comments on "Samsung GALAXY Camera"
  1. All the features look so fancy. -hanna

  2. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I really love the camera(cause can edit and instagram it right away) and wanted to get it before my korea trip the other time but thought to myself that i have my iphone5 wimme(i know i know the quality not same with the samsung camera) but then i don't want to pay monthly 3g cos such a hassle isn't it and waste money! Lol in the end i dont want buy! But now looking at your review and how awesome it is! I am actually reconsidering it! lol why are you doing this to me sophie!!!

    It will be a plus point if this camera have a flipped out screen!!

    - K

  3. Sigh..
    I actually settled for the Canon Ixus 125 HS already.. but I saw this!
    AND now i really want this T^T
    hopefully my parents approves :D

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Actually im more interested in the hello kitties than the camera! Lol where did you get the hello kitty pad lock from? And the cupcake looks awesomely cute, any idea which shop does it? Would like to get it for birthday! Heheh

    1. HK padlocks from France :/
      Actually I think most bakeries (that do customisations) can do this because HK is a very popular design. You can ask my friend on Twitter! @ohh_divine

  5. Anonymous1:04 AM

    how much is it?(:

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    can the battery last?

  7. Hello there! I discovered your blog yesterday and i fell inlove with it! You are so lovely! Anyways, I am not impressed with Samsung Camera before, but then since 2012 they produce amazing cameras! I have the super cheap dv300F and I love it. Wow, the samsung galaxy camera is very nice! It takes gorgeous photos! It captures well your pretty face! I subscribed to you! Have a nice day Sophie!

  8. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Soapz! I bought it already and loving it! I now can act like one "pro" photographer who can has artsy photos! lol thanks for brainwashing me and convincing me to get it ah!!! Hahaha

    - K

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    28th March, (Wed) you @ Chinatown having KFC for lunch with your friends?? I think I saw you.. You're so tall.. and look very different from pictures =p

    1. I would look different because that wasn't me!!!

  10. Wow.. very interesting.