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Korean Lessons

Sunday, April 28, 2013
End last year I took a couple of Korean lessons with some of the Nuffies!
I took the lessons at Hankuk Centre, which is located at Queenstown. 
Located at my old estate actually, so I know the area pretty well haha. 
There's a lot of buses that go there!

Anyway I realised I've never really tried learning a new language before!
I have taken lessons in both French & Mandarin (French is my official second language) of course, but these were both languages I grew up with & weren't totally foreign to me. Korean was the first time I was trying to learn a completely new language that I had no prior knowledge of.

Hankuk Centre will be running a promotion exclusively for my readers! 
See the details at the bottom of the post! :D

Outside Hankuk Centre!

This was the centre when it was decorated for Christmas!

Hankuk Centre started out in 2009 & provides:

♡ The best teachers. All their teachers are native Koreans, fluent in both English & Korean & with years of teaching experience. You won't have to worry about communication issues!

♡ Small class sizes. No class is larger than 9 students, meaning you get personalised attention & will be able to participate actively in class & will feel less shy when you're trying to learn Korean!

Here's our first lesson:

Starting to learn the alphabet! Korean letters seem quite complicated at first O.O

Showing us how to write the characters! The strokes are always from left to right & top to bottom.
The words "Gieok" & "Nieun" are the names of the characters!
The 5 shown in the photo are basic ones.

More names of the characters.

And here's how you can combine different letters to form words!
Since it was our first lesson these were of course basic combinations! 
Normal Korean words usually consist of 2 or 3 of these letters together.

Chris taking his turn at the board.

We all took turns to fill in some of the combinations on the board!
Very straightforward lah, just combine the two together haha. 
The difficult part is remembering how it's pronounced!

But at least with a small class you'll feel less hesitant to try, especially if you're taking lessons with friends! Like there were 4 of us in total so we formed a whole class on our own haha.

Disclaimer: The romanization (spelling) of the Korean characters in the pictures above & below are different (e.g. "Gieok"/"Giyak") as we wrote it differently to make it easier to remember the pronunciation! So the correct ones are in the previous pictures above.

Melissa went next!

So if you combine the 1st in the top row (Gieok, "G" sound) with the 1st in the left column ("ah"), it's pronounced GAH. Quite simple! Just that with increasing number of letters it becomes harder to remember which is what & how each is pronounced!

Then me!

Pronouncing each one after writing them in!

And lastly Jayne's turn!

Some words you can form already just from the few letters we learnt that day!
Turns out I wrote tree (나무) & singer (가수) wrongly!

LOL see, eventually you can fill up the whole sheet. That's a lot of combinations leh.

Melissa, Jayne & I!

Small class sizes! Makes it more conducive for learning compared to large classes where you may easily feel crowded out. I mean it's like in school, I'm a lot less likely to contribute in a class of 30 & may easily get bored/distracted compared to a class of 10.

Learning more of the Korean letters!
That day we started learning how to combine 3 letters. On the top left you can see how the teacher wrote how the alphabets are combined! Consonant over/with vowel over the final consonant.

The vowels with 2 lines are pronounced with a Y sound instead! 
So if it's "ah" with one line, the two-line version is "yah".

More words!

Took pictures with the teacher!

On the third lesson we learnt a lot more stuff!
Like the Koreans have two different sets of words for numbers, depending on whether it's for quantity or for time. So e.g. a 4 in "4 apples" is different from the 4 in "4pm"

Was also quite amused to learn how to say "female", because we all remembered hearing Psy say "yoh jah" a lot when he sings Gangnam Style. So yeah it means female haha.

Filling up more of the alphabet sheet!

No pictures of myself that day hahaha. Actually I was dressed up that day lor *sulks*

The other good thing about small classes is that you can progress differently based on your class' progress. With a smaller group you wouldn't be forced to stick to a standard progression that's to fit everyone in a large group. So with like 4-9 of us in class, if we're struggling & need more time/explanation we can slow down the pace, or similarly speed it up if everyone is coping well. Furthermore if you're lagging it's easier to get attention & help in a small class. This is quite unlikely in larger classes where you might easily fall behind or get frustrated by the delay of slower classmates.

At the end of the 3 lessons I think if I have my alphabet sheet on hand I can sorta figure out basic Korean sentences already! I might not know the meaning but I would know how to pronounce them haha. The teachers taught us more important conversational words like "taxi" & "bus" & we would randomly keep asking how to say this & that, so with smaller classes the teacher-student relationship is a lot more casual & personal!

A lot of you actually asked me where I was taking my Korean lessons so if you're interested to pick up Korean, go to Hankuk Centre!

A 1-session complete introductory Korean course conducted exclusively for my readers!

In this one session you will learn - 1) Entire Korean alphabet 2) Expressions commonly heard but not taught by any other Korean centres/courses 3) FAQ segment for anything about Korean/Korea

$50/person for 2.5hours on Saturdays

If you're keen to try it, go to:


Friday, April 26, 2013
More mirror OOTDs! These were taken sometime in early February I think.
It was pretty long ago hence there is still an open suitcase in the background, which is really no excuse because I got back from Europe on 31st December 2012 haha. And if you follow me on Twitter (I would link myself here but I'm too lazy) you should know that I'm headed to Europe again this summer!

In December I visited mostly Northern Europe - Paris, Zurich, Munich & Stavanger
And froze my ass off.

So this time I'll be heading to Southern Europe, around the Mediterranean Sea!
Going to be heading to Istanbul, Athens, Crete, Rome & Ibiza. Pretty excited!

| Top - Bangkok | Shorts & bag - Online |

| Top - Bangkok | Bag - Chloe | Bracelet - Marc by Marc Jacobs | Belt - Mango |

| Top - Bangkok | Shorts - DIY | Bag - Chloe | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell |

These are the Jeffrey Campbells too small for me... Sigh. And they're sold out everywhere now :(

| Top - Runway Bandits | Necklace - H&M | Bag, shorts - blahhhh same as above |

| Denim jacket - Online | Top - Bangkok | Shorts - F21 |

| Furry outerwear - Runway Bandits | Top - |

Haha I look like a furry... panda... thing. I bought this for Europe & only used it like, once.
And it took up hell a lot of space in the suitcase :/

| Top - Bangkok | Skirt, beanie - Online | Necklaces - Cine, overseas | Stockings - Topshop |
Haha theme that night at Zouk was KPOP! Wore this with sneakers.
I MISS THE KITTENS <3 <3 <3 <3

All 5 kittens were adopted by the way! 3 went to homes with another cat (it was a priority to me that each kitten go to someone already owning a cat) while 2 were adopted together. So all 5 will grow up with a cat buddy :D Very happy that things turned out well for them! I should try & get an update from their owners soon & blog the massive stock of cute kitten photos I have! 
Aww I miss them, they were so lovely & amazingly affectionate.

| Top - H&M | Shorts - Online | Bag - Balenciaga | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell | Bracelet - ASOS |

Another time I tried to wear the too-small-for-me-shoes & figured it wouldn't be often so I have to ~ capture this moment ~ & cement it in time. Something gay like that. Also I think I had decided not to go for class so I had time to kill while walking back to my house haha.

Lazy to wear contact lens that day! I've had this top since I was 17.

Disney theme at Zouk!

And tried to wear colorful accessories to match, including a Stitch ring.

| Dress - ASOS | Necklace - H&M | Bag - Chloe |

| Top - Nastygal | Flower - H&M | Outerwear & shorts - Online | Bracelet - Accessorize |

| Top, belt - Online |

A lot of my stuff is from Bangkok & random online shops that I can't remember, which means they're not any that I patronise regularly! And I tend to re-wear a few key items for a period of time & then move on to another set of key items for another period of time... Hence the mint shorts & Chloe bag.
Haven't actually used it in a while.

Random Norwegian shot glass that I bought at the airport to use up the rest of my remaining NOK!
Now it holds my hairpins & safety pins haha.

And a massive bruise on my leg which I have no idea how I got.
And I am also now de-hairified because I just went for a full leg wax! (In case some of you felt like pointing out the fine hairs on my upper leg in the picture above... haha)(People notice everything O.O)


I had my last day of school, EVER, last Friday. It wasn't exciting or memorable at all because that day I also had my last essay, EVER, due, & in standard last-semester-syndrome, I was still doing it.
But by the way I have never submitted any essay late; always, always made the deadline.
And I write pretty fast (Y). It's amazing how productive you are closer to the deadline haha.

But so yes, I didn't think about taking pictures or doing anything for the last time or anything like that. 

I feel a little sad (quite sad really) because I always enjoyed school. NUS wasn't incredibly exciting, but it was still good. I would definitely say NUS was a positive experience, although I do think I could have done more; like been more involved in school & met more people. That's one thing I do regret.

But well that's that & it's a little mind-boggling to be done with education because THAT'S THE ONLY THING I'VE EVER KNOWN. I have spent my life thus far being educated.

And it's time to go out into the real world &.... not use any of my education.
(Well for real, not much of what we learn has direct application)

Dyed my hair!

Sunday, April 21, 2013
Ok actually I dyed my hair around 2 weeks ago already but I don't think I've uploaded new pictures of myself since then anyway so it doesn't matter haha. Omg I'm a horrible blogger.

Anyway I went to Salon Vim bored of my hair & was at first thinking of highlights!
Then I don't know why I decided to dye my whole head a lighter brown.

I wanted hair like the girl on the left page, top right side! The one with the centre-parting.
Brown but slightly on the ashier side!
However I was quite worried about bleaching because I'm scared of the pain & damage, so we dyed my hair instead & it's not easy to achieve a lighter colour with just dyeing.

But yeah so my hair colour below involved no bleaching!

Getting the dye! That's my hairstylist, Stephanie!
At Salon Vim you'll be assigned one hairstylist, so he/she will get to know your hair condition & preferences more in-depth, rather than it being a different person each time!

And this part of the treatment! Steam helps to open up your hair follicles for the absorption of the reparative serums, followed by other serums to seal the follicles back, locking in the moisture.
Treatments really improve the condition of your hair a lot, so if yours is bad you should consider! And of course it requires doing masks & applying conditioner at home as well!

Here's my hair after dyeing! 
I had dip-dye ends previously so the ends are lighter, creating this ombre effect on its own hahaha.

After slight curling of the ends!

Ok this whole post involves pictures of just me :/
Which is also usually the norm here :/
Either I have camera-shy friends or... I have no friends :X

Instagramed this picture! But with the eyebags unedited haha.

After that I went to Joshua's (Qiuting's husband) studio to shoot for her Qweekly!
For the second issue she asked if she could shoot me for the cover haha so I agreed.
I took more pictures that day but I'll do it as a separate post :X
I get sick of seeing my own face too :X

Anyhow you can check out the issue of Qweekly HERE!

And so that day Qiuting gave me mermaid waves using a special 2-bump curling thong of hers.
She liked the effect a lot on me but I dunno... not my thing haha:

Yes my hair is rather long.
The other day I was zipping up my skirt & my hair actually got caught in the zipper O.O
Hahahaha. I know it requires no skill whatsoever but it's still somewhat of an achievement no?!
I like it long though!

The classic: pretending someone took a picture of you where you look unknowingly good/normal

If you want mermaid waves you could easily ask Salon Vim to style/perm you hair that way as well!

If you're keen to try Salon Vim,

313 @ Somerset Orchard Road 
Contact: 68847757 68847767

Bugis 235/235A Victoria Street
Contact: 68370073/68370045

Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 11am - 9.00pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm 

Quote my name to get 10% off all salon services for your first visit! Subsequently you can join as a Salon Vim member, which will entitle you to 15% off for each visit! :)