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Casio ZR-1000

Friday, April 05, 2013
Random picture dump for the folks bored at home on a Friday night...

These photos below were taken in November 2012 when we went to collect our new camera, the Casio ZR-1000! My hair doesn't look like this anymore (thankfully).

So these are all the very first photos I took with the camera! I used the Casio ZR-1000 since then, since it's pretty small & compact (whereas my Panasonic Lumix G3 is much bulkier)! Brought it to Europe.

At the Casio office, playing around with the camera:

Oh yeah... did I mention it has a FLIP-OUT SCREEN?
Haha hence the selcas... Very convenient!

This is how the Casio ZR-1000 looks like:

Easy flip-out screen! The ring around the camera lens can also be used to zoom.

Headed to Shokudo at Cineleisure for lunch afterwards!

Haha Yutaki in the background taking pictures with HIS Casio ZR-1000!
Him, Miyake, Qiuting & I all received the camera (thank you Casio!) & have been using it since!
Especially Qiuting & I, all our photos since then (Nov 2012) on our blogs are taken with this camera!

Matcha green tea ice-cream float! Quite bohliao... I'd recommend just going for the Matcha green tea smoothie instead because you spend your time mixing the ice-cream & there isn't enough of it lol.

Pretty nice crispy pizza! Light crust.

Two random selcas at home! Omg the bush that I had for hair...
Geez this makes me instantly feel inspired to dig out my hair masks/conditioners.
In fact, I will go do it NOW.

Happy weekend!
6 comments on "Casio ZR-1000"
  1. Its really cool that the camera's view finder flips over. I think I want it. -Hanna

  2. leng lui take what angle picture also beautiful de~ =)

  3. Wow flip camera! So cool :D And you look gorgeous, as always <3

  4. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Ah flip out screen camera. LOL if i so bohliao one i go and buy so can same-same with you leh but I bought the Samsung camera already. HAHAHA!

    You look like office lady in the first few photos. Actually you're not that bad looking with that hair. Still pretty!!! Haha slowly you trim and trim and trim then ur bush hair gone already.

    - K

  5. Ohh.. I want this one! It's great to have a flip-out screen! I suppose this is one camera every blogger and every person who like doing self portraits should have. Actually I've seen this first in Yutaki's blog a few months back. For a change he blogged about this before you did. :)

  6. Anonymous3:17 PM

    hi there, I just bought myself a ZR1000.
    When I use for while it tend to heat up quite fast..
    Do you encounter this heat up problem??