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Makeup Tutorial

Sunday, April 14, 2013
As usual I took these photos a long time ago but am only posting them up now hahaha.

Anyway most of the products used are from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté & Etude House as they were sponsored for me to try! I currently do still use some of these products & I'll say which at the bottom.

First up would be the YSL roll-on Wake-up Eyecare which is meant to soothe & brighten tired eyes!
Basically there will be a "cooling" feeling when you apply it. Let it be absorbed then apply your concealer over it! I am still using this YSL concealer for my dark eye circles & other red areas.

Next would be eyeliner! I find eyeliner quite important; concealer + eyeliner is usually sufficient to make me look good enough to go out! This Etude House Drawing Show Dot eyeliner is a special 3-pronged eyeliner to help you create fake eyelashes by drawing vertically!

The lines I drew on my hand are examples of how it'll turn out based on the amount of pressure placed.

I actually use it like a normal eyeliner & just draw a horizontal line by turning it lengthwise!
So that's me with concealer + eyeliner, which is a simple uniform line that's extended slightly beyond the end of my eye. I draw a thin lower lashline with the same eyeliner & connect it to the top's.

Here I tested out the 3-prong function by drawing the vertical bottom eyelashes!

Cute eyeshadow palette from Etude House! I like the colours they have here because I generally am not very adventurous with eyeshadows, I tend to stick to dark & light brown or shades like dark purple/green. I used to use white/silver eyeshadow sometimes but now I can't be bothered.

Anyway the Etude House eyeshadow is very matte, meaning there is no shimmer in it at all whereas most eyeshadows commonly are more towards the metallic side. So it's up to your preference!

I didn't blend the eyeshadows that well but never mind lah, cannot see one hahaha.

P.S. Remember to curl your eyelashes before mascara application!

The Etude House 3-step Volumecara gives you 3 different options for mascara intensity!
I don't know how they designed it inside the tube but basically you twist it to your desired intensity, with Step 1 being the mildest & Step 3 the most vava-voom!

You can actually see a clear difference between Step 1 & Step 3! 
Step 3 is much thicker & fuller, so Step 1 may be more suitable for day-to-day use!

Etude House blusher! Actually I'm not very sure what having the 2 shades of pink is for haha.
(This is why I am not a beauty blogger) But I think you sort of mix it together? I just swipe my brush across it & it seems fine. My brush is possibly a foundation brush or whatever, but I like it for my blusher.

I always smile when I apply my blusher (yes I have been observed doing this & have been told how retarded I look) because you should use the apples of your cheek as a gauge! Apply outwards towards your hairline; I apply mine along the bottom edge of my cheeks.

Lip balm because I have very dry lips T_T

These Burt's Bees ones are a bit pricier ($9 I think?) than normal drugstore brands but I find it more nourishing (normal brands don't seem to do anything for my lips) & they smell good!
I have 2, one for my bedside & one that I carry in my bag.

The Rejuvenating one in the picture above is Acai Berry flavoured, while my other one is a Refreshing one that's Pink Grapefruit flavoured! As far as I can tell there's no difference between Rejuvenating, Refreshing, forgot-what-else-they-had...

Anyway if you don't mind the slightly higher price then I would recommend these! 
Available at Sephora.

My favourite product from YSL - their lipstains!
Sweet coral-pink shade above is #7

It's something like a cross between lipsticks & lipglosses. I dislike the stickiness of lipglosses & lipsticks can be a bit too dry so these lipstains are perfect! They allow for a very consistent colour that doesn't come out cracked or patchy the way lipstick might (especially for girls with dry/chapped lips like mine).

The brush makes it very easy to apply as well! Good for corners & uh.. precision haha.

And done!
On a day-to-day basis I don't wear all the makeup items. 

I hardly wear eyeshadow because I find it doesn't make much difference to how I look haha.
And mascara is a bit peskier to remove!

So normally it'll be - concealer, eyeliner, blusher & lipstick

Ok the two pictures are practically identical but there you have it!
Also my hair is really wtf. I swear my hair isn't dry, it's just so flyaway T_T

Oh yes, the products I currently still use right now:
(These photos were taken in November 2012 *hides face*)

YSL concealer
Etude House eyeliner
Etude House blusher
Etude House mascara
YSL lipstains (I have 3)

I have other products to review (some purchased, some sponsored) so I hope to do that soon LOL.

Hope this little walkthrough helped! But I think my makeup skills are pretty basic so this is really for like... makeup noobs hahaha. I don't even know how to do all the shading/contouring stuff & am a complete retard at makeup brushes. So complex wtf!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! :D

  2. I really like the eyeshadow. I'm glad you posted this! -Hanna

  3. Thanks for the great natural makeup tutorial! The Etude House Volumecara looks really good! Should check the out real soon. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Celyx Lim

  4. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Hello soapz thanks for sharing! I like how you are honest about not knowing the makeup stuff, haha! I've been your reader for a very long time and keep it up!!! :)

  5. Anonymous2:14 AM

    where to get the ysl lipstains? ysl stores? i always find it so intimidating to walk into those stores -.-

    1. Yep! I think there may be YSL counters in stores like TANGS but I'm not sure.

  6. Anonymous7:36 PM

    What about your brows? Do u draw them?

  7. Pretty and cute.. love the makeup. Its very simple and easy