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Thursday, April 04, 2013
A picture from 2 past visits (click for left & right) to Salon Vim to show how good my hair looks after they handle it! For the left side I didn't even do treatment that day but it was still smooth & manageable.

Compared to...

So one day I woke up with a bush instead of hair. Seriously that was a bad hair day.
I don't usually get tangles so that's lucky but my main problem is frizzy/flyaway hair which makes my hair look so dry & unhealthy >:(

Headed down to Salon Vim the other day!
I usually go to the 313 @ Somerset outlet but they also have a second outlet at Bugis now!

At Salon Vim they keep a record of each trip & your hair:
See? This helps the stylists better know what to do for your hair, what weakness it has... etc
This is just one of the ways in which Salon Vim provides really good service.
If you decide to go back regularly you'll be able to use the same stylist each time, so he/she will know you hair better! Like for me my hair is always handled by Stephanie & if she's not there I don't go lol.

Did a new Redken treatment that day that focuses on strengthening your hair!
I've been dyeing my hair pretty regularly so it's somewhat damaged...
And I don't even bleach my hair so if you do you should definitely consider treatments!

Salon Vim also gave me Redken shampoo & hair mask dedicated to strengthening dyed hair!

And here's after that day's dyeing & treatment:

I know. Boring dark brown again hahaha.

My hair always looks so much better after each visit! Super nice to touch because of the treatment!
It definitely helped to improve my hair's condition, already considering how lazy I am to use hair masks
(they help a lot by the way)

These were taken one week later:

Hair still looking pretty healthy! 
Some of the flyaway-ness is coming back, but nothing compared to the frizz I first showed you guys.

313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09
Contact: 68847757 68847767

Bugis 235/235A Victoria Street
Contact: 68370073/68370045

Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 11am - 9.00pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm

 Quote my name to get 10% off all salon services for your first visit!
Subsequently you can join as a Salon Vim member, which will entitle you to 15% off for each visit! :)

2 comments on "Salon Vim"
  1. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Would love to try to do my hair ar Salon Vim one day since there's 10% off for your customer. Everything you do/have I also feel like I must do/have cos I somehow trust ur judgement and reviews.

    Anyway the 'bush' hair you posted, I had that kind of hair the other time after i permed my hair. The chemical used to perm my hair make my hair damaged and look exactly like some china lady armpit. Seriously very very damaged, rough , frizzy and tangled. I lose alot of hair due to that. Managed to rebond my hair and trim my hair after that and my hair is better with the softness(thanks to treatments) and had less flyaway hair. Haha.

    Anyway i think you will look super good on rebonded hair. Not the super straight rebonding but try maybe doing soft rebond and ask the hairstylist to do a bit of big wave at ur hair end to make it look straight but not the flat straight rebonded type. If you get what I mean. I dont know i think you will look more prettier.

    - K

  2. Your hair looks so pretty after the treatment, and I think I like the dark brown on you. -Hanna