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Wallpaper French Tip

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Got a new nail sponsor, which is Sensual Nails Spa!
I've heard about them before because they've been featured by a few bloggers & after a... year-long? hiatus from Gelish nails, I decided to start again! Sensual Nails Spa is located at Bishan so that's especially convenient for me since I live in the area & can easily MRT/bus down!

Sensual Nails Spa is located near the KOI shop which is beside the bus interchange.
If you're from our 'hood you should know the area haha.

♡ ♡ ♡ 

So anyway there was a day that I was at 313 @ Somerset with time to kill so I went into a random nail salon there (well it wasn't that random, the window display showed it had won Cozycot awards & what not) & paid $50 for a simple Gelish manicure. Which was quite overpriced :/ And it started peeling not long after! I was quite wtf because Gelish polish very rarely peels! I don't remember the salon name but it's located on the 4th floor (same floor as Salon Vim) >:(

So this is me getting my previous Gelish manicure removed!

One reason why I stopped Gelish for a year was that I noticed my nails were looking unhealthy & that was because the previous salon I went to, simply peeled off the Gelish. I never knew this was abnormal till I one day went into another salon & paid $20 to have it soaked off & was surprised by how nice my nails still looked. The proper procedure is to wrap each finger with cotton wool soaked in a special remover, with aluminum foil around each to hold it. So yeah, when done properly it's completely fine to continuously do Gelish.

Here are my nails prepped for Gelish & square-shaped!
I like Gelish because it's the only way my nails stay long T_T
They normally break easily so with Gelish they're forced to stay er... unbroken.

And here's the design I got!

Throughout all my time doing Gelish nail art, I have ALWAYS gotten French tips hahaha.
Omg I am so boring. I guess it's because I don't like my hands/fingers/nails, so I don't like to draw attention to them? So I usually get relatively subtler designs.

♡ ♡ ♡ 

And ending with some Photobooth pictures... lol

Action #3 from the Gwiyomi song!

A rare look at the other side of my face, which I don't quite like...
Like... my face looks fatter? And I don't know... I just don't quite like it.

And... back to normal.
8 comments on "Wallpaper French Tip"
  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Soapz! I love ur nail design! Simple yet elegant with the florals! Are you kidding me right nao! Ur making me broke!!! And now because ur reader got a 10% discount i am tempted to go and try do my nails there. Reason why,
    I never had a permanent nail salon, i love trying diff salon and since there's discount for ur readers at the salon you went, its a good deal right i try to do my nails there. Reason being, IF i don't like it atleast i have discount, atleast i dont pay the normal price la. (Which i trust ur judgement and i'm sure i'm gonna get pweety nails like you and i'm in good hands.) You get what i mean? Walau i now sound like some kiasu auntie with all this discount shitz. What to do everything is expensive in singapore!!! Hahaha anw thank you for this discount galore for ur readers! From hair to nails. Teehee :D

    - K

  2. Your nails look so good, the floral design is uber pretty. I can't believe though that a previous salon would remove your gelish improperly. Hanna

  3. Anonymous1:08 AM

    I know of a blogger with ugly toes/toe nails and still likes to post it after a said awesome pedicure. :P A_____!

    1. O.O I can't think of who you're referring to leh, can't think of any bloggers starting with A! Now I'm curious too, reply me lolol. I won't post it.

  4. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Your blog is horribly dull now. What's with all these ads?? What happened to your personal posts?

  5. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I love your nails! I also love the other side of your face!! I actually think it shows off your cheekbones quite nicely.

  6. Hi, how much does it cost to make the manicure like yours? It is really pretty and elegant:)

  7. Wow.. i love your nails. So pretty ^^