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Xiaxue's housewarming

Friday, April 12, 2013
Most of you should know that Wendy has moved to a new home which has been renovated super nicely! You can find Part 1 of her home tour (Living Room + Kitchen) HERE if you haven't seen it!

So anyway she had a friends & family over for her official housewarming the other day, complete with dinner buffet & dessert table & churros station! Actually I think I took more photos of the desserts than anything :x So if you want to see her house, go check out her blogpost + Clicknetwork video :D

Their living room has a sea theme! Their home is really very nicely decorated; it's a refreshing change from most Singaporean households where interior design doesn't seem to be much of a priority :/

Love the feel of their living room! It's bright & calming :D

The indented mirror in the entryway shoe cabinet!

(Wearing a short F21 necklace as a headpiece haha)

Super cute photo of Mike & Wendy on the right!

Hehe photo of Cheesie, Wendy, Qiuting & I on our trip to Phuket! :D

Wendy's bathroom!

Liz Lisa themed!

Lucky girl can fit in a bathtub into her bathrrom!

And here's one of the drawer sections in her Princess Room!
The small cabinets on top were hand-painted white, with each flower painstakingly painted by Wendy!

Ok here's the desserts table part LOL.
A lot of the desserts were made by the owners themselves, from Crème Berry!
I love the set-up that they did for Mike & Wendy that day; super pretty!

Those dessert cups were super good! It's kinda like creamcheese with crumble I think?

Mini little red velvet cupcakes!

Loved their crème brulées! Saw them preparing these at Wendy's kitchen itself!

Lots of attention to detail with the little marquees, flowers, seashells... :)

Over at the Churros station, also by done by the staff of the dessert table!

Get your churros warm & crunchy instantly!

Ok hope I just made you have a late-night craving for some sweet treats ^^
And to revamp your room!
Happy weekend!
11 comments on "Xiaxue's housewarming"
  1. All the deserts look really good. I also looked at her house blog post and it is really pretty. Hanna

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful party.

  3. Aww that looks really nice! I love this bright sea theme! Wendy must be really lucky.

  4. All the food looks so great!

  5. The desert look delicious.. yummy! :p

  6. Anonymous6:22 PM

    You should have included more pix of the guests! but I guess you have your reasons...

    1. Uh why is there a "should"? I don't feel it's necessary to infringe on people's privacy just to have pictures for my blog. It's not anyone's business who Xiaxue's friends/family are & thats's up to her to post if she wants to. I would feel so embarrassed to ask people to take pictures, regardless of whether it was her housewarming or my own family members.

  7. Wow I cannot stop drooling! I want churros so badly now!

  8. Anonymous7:45 AM

    ahh so nice and awesome!

  9. Anonymous4:42 PM

    totally respect your respect for privacy even if its not yours? it's just that a housewarming party generally entails party guests milling about/having fun(hopefully) to lend the house a "warm" feel... other than the spread of party food n a woman holding a child with another dude in the background, no knowing its a party. you're right who xiaxue's friends/family are is not anyone's business especially not mine 'cos I sure as heck don't care but its nice to see festive pictures. it's a housewarming not an openhouse of a model home

    with all due respect for privacy, it's not like anyone asked for pix of guests sitting on the toilet? Now that's a different kind of party that nobody wants to see

    1. It doesn't matter what the reason was. There could very simply be none. I just didn't think about it & I'm not the sort that likes to usher people into photos & what not. I just dislike the way you made it sound like I, or Xiaxue, had something to hide & the "should" this/that tone of your comment.