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Friday, May 24, 2013

New lipstick!
Decided to try Bobbi Brown's.

Picked a fairly neutral/wearable shade of pink, called Bikini Pink.
Think it might be a bit too similar to my M.A.C Angel :/
Anyhow the Bobbi Brown lipstick glides on well & isn't drying (Y)
Would get more shades from them!

Met up with Jane & Yutaki the other day because Jane was in town for an event!
Jane is a Malaysian blogger & as usual we kinda "met" via Twitter/Instagram haha.
Too bad she wasn't hungry so we brought her for Shisha at Arab Street instead!

And damn Jane makes us feel old... She's turning 21 this year T_T

Photography framing fail. This is already after I zoomed in on the photo!
The original was taken like 123456789 metres away & we were tiny.

My teeth are just getting weirder & weirder...
That's it, me not opening my mouth anymore!

Oh yah below all pictures of me already hahaha I'm not sure how that happened *bluff*

Can't play the guitar so pose with one

I find it amusing how dense shisha smoke is. Makes me excited to see a big cloud of smoke haha.
If you blow it into a cup the smoke stays there for a few seconds before slowly climbing out.

Happy Vesak Day!
But I'm on holiday so every day is a public holiday mwuahaha *troll*

13 comments on "Chuckei"
  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    may i know where is this place at? btw you are so pretty!!!! ^^

  2. I think you look pretty when you smile with your teeth showing, Sophy! You overthink too much hahaha. I also met Jane the other day, she's really pretty! :D

    Celyx Lim

  3. Pretty! Love the lipstick color.. <3
    your fashion is so cute :)

  4. Haha I always pretend I can actually play the guitar. Hanna

  5. You look just fine Sophie!

    I love your skirt :p

    Anyway I am currently holding a giveaway supported by

    utoTIA's Cheery Blossom Giveaway feat. WISHtrend

    3 winners and it's open internationally!

  6. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Shisha smoking isnt a healthly past time. It can lead to addiction due to the use of tobacco; additional health risks due to the sharing of the shisha with multiple people. Shisha equipment isnt easy to clean either due to the small and hard to reach places within the equipment itself.

    Kindly read up on the ill effects of shisha smoking and spread some awareness about it so that people know what they are getting into when they decide to go for a round of shisha smoking.

    Im worried that your blog visitors might not be aware of the truth and think that shisha smoking is a harmless activity.

    1. Shisha isn't addictive. And it's pretty well-known that it's unhealthy & hence, is done only once in a while. Shisha isn't a regular activity for Singaporeans & they are not oblivious to the harmful health effects. Perhaps you should worry about the cigarette smokers instead. That's an actual issue.

    2. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Oh my god. Do you actually think her blog readers are insipid, vapid little rabbits who see something and immediately copy her? Geez. She does not owe anyone some stupid health explanation everytime some self-declared health police thinks its unhealthy.

      Do you work for MDA or something?!

  7. Anonymous1:18 AM

    You actually look really good when you smile with your teeth showing. Maybe you're over analyzing it.

  8. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Sophie I am DYING to know where your top is from!!!!!!!!!! Please reply :-)