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Friday, May 31, 2013
Hello! I'll be having a booth at a flea at Zouk this Sunday, 02 June 2013! :D


I'll update this post with previews of items I'm bringing to sell (haven't started sifting through my closet) but I thought I'd better inform you guys first! Hope to see you guys there & say hi if you come! :D

My booth will be on the main Zouk dancefloor, in front of the DJ console.
Other bloggers will be going as well & Jipaban is having a huge sale too!
And there'll be food for sale as well!

See you on Sunday! :)


I've packed 2 full suitcases for the flea & I think I might bring another big bag O.O
This is actually gonna be the first time I'm doing a flea without Qiuting though!
In total I've done 3? 4? 5? fleas with her! And uh... no boyfriend to accompany me this time haha.
Me ish gonna be lonely. Luckily my booth is next to Rachell's!

Stuff I'm bringing to sell!
Help me sellout quickly so that I can go home for my Sunday Nap lol.

Lots of floral sundresses!

More formal/party dresses :x Quite a few mesh see-through cutout types hahaha.

Random chiffons


Bags! Cleared out loads of my bags!
Quite a few of these are genuine vintage pieces (purchased from thrift stores) so they're vintage quality ok i.e. expect wear & tear! All bags <$10!

And these pieces below are all 100% BRAND NEW:
They're from a time I vaguely wanted to set up a blogshop LOL.
And see, I even took pictures for them! But I wasn't satisfied with how they turned out so I never uploaded them & never bothered to edit them at all. And selling ALL of them off at the flea!
Most of them are still in their wrapping! (Except the ones I opened to photoshoot)

All dresses will be sold at $8 & all tops at $5!
If you feel some pieces are worth less than that (I mean they're not all the same quality, like some are F21/Nastygal/etc) you can bargain but be reasonable ok!

I'm also planning to sell my Jeffrey Campbells because they're one size too small for me (tagged US6):
The Skulltini is completely brand new while the Martini Spike has been worn a few times.
I love them but I really CANNOT wear them (died wearing the Martini) so I'm going to sell them :(

They're both still retailing online at 100+ USD & I'm going to sell them for S$60 each!

16 comments on "FLEA THIS SUNDAY"
  1. Errmahgerddd, Rachel and Dawn will be there too! *sigh* And I'm staying in Malaysia :'(

    Celyx Lim

  2. So many bloggers are going! I wish I could go. Hanna

  3. Hopefully I find the time to stop by! Would be lovely to see you again! Do you need any help? lemme know!


  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    hey were you at bugis on fri? :)

    1. Anonymous1:22 AM

      yeah i thought it was you! you're very striking in real life!! walked right past you and did a double take but you had already walked off without flinching, guess you're used to getting stares in public!

  5. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Ooooh can we reserve the Martini Spikes!!

    1. If you're definitely keen on it you can let me know (email me at & let me know what time you're coming down!

  6. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Oh my god! I will not be in sg tomorrow :( Damn sad can't buy all ur stuff la. Totally not happy leh cos i've always love ur style and fashion sense de. And as you know i only read ur blog apart from qiuqiu and xiaxue from singapore. I don't bother reading anyone else blog de cos i find others so "fake". Sorry can't support you tomorrow.

    But well hopefully your stuff will sell out soon and you'll get to enjoy ur sunday niapping at home. Its ok, no boyfriend = no problem. You so pretty! Its the boys loss la.

    Take care soapz!

    - K

  7. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Hi sophie! Which nus hall will you recommend to stay in? And what cca is fun to join? There are too many to choose from! Haha thanks :)

    1. I've never stayed in hall so I don't know, but Kent Ridge or Sheares are pretty safe. And CCAs are so personal. What I might find fun isn't someone else's cup of tea! It's like asking for a fun hobby O.O I was in modern dance but I quit after a semester because I got lazy & I kind of regret doing that :/

    2. Anonymous11:25 PM

      Thank you so much for replying! :) Haha sorry forgot to specify!! I'm interested in dance too but I can't decide between Chinese Dance, Dance Ensemble or Dance Synergy! Besides if I stay in hall I have to join hall activities for eg KR dance right? Is it possible to cope with both hall and main cca? :/ So sorry to ask so many questions! Thanks ^^

    3. Of course you can & if you feel you can't you can always stop. Dance Ensemble requires auditions & has practices on Saturdays & for me that was a total no-no (don't touch my weekends yo haha) so I went to Dance Synergy.

    4. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Thank you so much for replying again! Lol you are so funny!^^ Thanks so much for your advice hehe. Really appreciate it! Its a little upsetting I won't be able to see you around in school but nevertheless all the best for your future!

  8. Anonymous4:00 PM

    can all ages enter? Thanks!