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Sunday, May 05, 2013
Hello! Sorry for the small hiatus (I normally blog every 2-3 days so with a week I feel guilty :x) but I'm in the midst of exams! Just had my first paper on Friday, & at the end of next Friday I'll be done!

I don't have any immediate post-exam plans yet (my trip to Europe is only in June) but I'm just looking forward to being able to do mindless things guilt-free ^_^

So anyhow, a really long time ago I first started wearing this watch below & many people asked where to buy it, so I went back to the shop (heartlands one in Bukit Merah) & bought the remaining pieces!

And today I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY of those 3!
(yeah I'm sure the blogpost title wasn't a dead giveaway - pun - )
Uhh... kind of a bribe because I have no time to update this space right now!

Here are the 3! One of each color + a little Hello Kitty paper clip from Tokyo :)

All you have to do is "like" this photo below on my Facebook page!
(which I'm assuming you've already "liked" *stare*)

I will randomly pick 3 winners from the "likes" :)
That's all!

I'll end the giveaway next Friday 10 May 2013, in conjunction with the end of my exams!
(because I have no time to go to the post office before that to mail them out)
I will contact the winners over the weekend after that :)

Click HERE for my Facebook page!

P.S. Doodles credit to #brenoverlays, Google for more info
14 comments on "Giveaway"
  1. Can I ask what software/app you used for these cute graphics?

    1. "P.S. Doodles credit to #brenoverlays, Google for more info"!

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Hi Sophie, I am currently struggling with Soci theories - they are pretty quite confusing! How would you define realist? What makes them? Would you categorize Durkheim as Realist or Idealist?

    1. Never studied that & you're not giving me much to go on. Try Googling the theorists that talk about it?

  3. Good luck on your exams! Hanna

  4. only in Singapore?

  5. I've liked both your Facebook page and the picture itself. There were seriously so many entries, just hope that I could win one set of the watch and the Hello Kitty clip.

    Anyway, thanks for organizing this giveaway and good luck in your exams! :)

    Celyx Lim

  6. Thanks for the giveaway, those watches are to die for omg <3 ANd all the best in your exams, I'm sitting tests as well :( 3 papers more!

    1. :O You read my blog :O I follow you on Instagram! I got some curves through the links you provided as well, first time using curves! But only the presets by Julia Trotti because I can't be bothered to try on my own & I don't even use (or know how to use) a DSLR yet hahaha.

  7. Liked with loves from Malaysia! Love your blog so much <3 <3

  8. Dear Sophie,

    Good luck with your exams.. Hope you can ace em all =)
    Enjoy reading your blog + looking at your Instagram pics ^^

    Ps: No worries, i'm not a stalker, not serious anyway :P

    Btw, please do more OOTD posts is possible ! Love your fashion sense =D

    Yvvone Yee

  9. Anonymous8:22 PM

    OMG Sophie, I LOVE your hair!

  10. Can't believe I missed the giveaway! Those watches are to die for! Can I know where to buy them?? Pretty please.....=)