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Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Random post to fill this space haha.
Maybe I should just vomit out short posts frequently instead of longer ones every few days...

Anyhow, lunch at Shokudo!
This was like... in March haha.

(Sidenote: Omg hate it when I accidentally tap the keypad & open an application)

Matcha green tea float! It's stupid, just get the Matcha milkshake.
Basically the same thing except that it's properly mixed for you!

My teeth are looking a bit Bugs Bunnyish... Don't know if you guys noticed but I haven't been smiling with teeth much! Qiuting pointed it out to me too, before I ever said anything about it. So I'm not imagining things! JAYNE! (my blog manager, who was sitting beside me in the photo actually) 

The bottom row has been shifting as well! >:(
Luckily when I smile it's generally not visible but I think it affects my jaw a little.
And results in this "shadow" below my bottom lip.
I'm not imagining things ok! Please I see my face so much due to blogging hahaha.

My pasta (did I ever mention how much I LOVE pasta) (I'm sure I have)!
Shokudo's pasta tends to be a bit on the mushy side though (ingredients as well).
The rosti was pretty good though, but I don't really think you can screw that up haha.

Not purposely trying to look sullen... was caught unprepared!
Top from Jipaban, skirt from Bangkok & ballet flats from New Look!

New Look has tons of these ballet flats in various colours & they only cost $19.90!
So far I have this blue one, black, beige & glittery black.
The blue is much easier to match than you'd imagine.

Yes... sitting on a supermarket crate.

Me out!
8 comments on "Green"
  1. Reading the word "vomit" a few words after the title "green", conjured a weird image inside my head.

  2. But bunny teeth are cute :O

    And I haven't noticed how shifted bottom row could result on that shadow on the below lower lip! I have shifted bottom row as well as that shadowed are and I never thought they're related :/ Thanks I guess! Lol.

  3. I kind of see the shadow thing, but your top teeth are pretty straight so you should still smile! Hanna

  4. The Green Tea Matcha Float Looks so delicious!
    If only they have something like that over here in California ><

  5. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Just curious... any reason why your bottom row shifted? o_O

  6. You looks so pretty and fresh <3
    Love your skin so much >.<

    Piedev ♥
    Me, MySelf and I

  7. Lovely! Your hair so long! :D and you have such fair skin. Omgg.