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Friday, June 28, 2013

Floral collared top & skirt from Edence
I especially like the skater skirt with the laser cutout details at the bottom!
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Another laser cut-out skirt! Easy to match & unique as well, I love the design of this piece!
Also available in navy, white & pink on Amebelle! Find them on Facebook as well!
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Stretchy black dress from Dancing Circus! Every girl needs an LBD (little black dress) they say & this one has an interesting back! And it's stretchable so it's really comfortable to wear.
They're currently having sales with 20% off all regular priced items! Simply key in "greatDCsales"!

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Sold some of my stuff at a flea held by Jipaban (a.k.a Nuffnang) at Zouk!
It was kind of a rush because my house is undergoing renovations so I wanted to clear items before leaving for Europe for 3 weeks! Now I hope to have another flea when I get back :)

Anyhow, for those of you who came down you might have met my mom haha.
She was just going to drop me off at first but ended up staying all the way!

Another old friend of mine, Rachel, also came & helped me take some pictures:
I never really bother with racks or displaying my items anymore lol.
Too troublesome & it gets messed up quickly when people look through things!
So... just all lumped in my suitcase :/

Took pictures with some of the other bloggers down that day!

With Ben... (lol for a moment it sounded weird because I'm so used to "Typical Ben")

... and his brother Randy! 
That's their tshirt, which says Ben Ran Away (geddit?) & the funds were given to charity!

With Esther Xie!

And Meiting!

These pictures below were sent to me by here as well:

They asked the bloggers & staff (Maylene from Jipaban & Sofie from Zouk) to join in the clothes buffet! Basically you get one bag & rush to fill it with as many clothes as possible within one minute!
So those are our full bags & we were comparing to see who got more haha.

And last picture with Esther & Meiting!

Ok goodnight from Greece (Crete, to be exact)! My throat is killing me & there's no such thing as cooling water here :( And in fact I can't even find Strepsils O.O All the small things you miss when you travel... (like cotton buds haha) Bye bye!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013
Met Yutaki, Qiuting & Wendy for dinner the other day at White Rabbit! Wendy hasn't been out in a while because of Dashiel's birth & I was flying off in a few days so... reunion! 
White Rabbit is also where Qiuting had her surprise proposal!

P.S. Area outside the White Rabbit toilet has nice lighting haha

Qiuting was making a funny face behind & it was too ugly to show...
Yutaki ever camera-ready! And yes I have officially stopped smiling with teeth at all O.O

Qiuting, Wendy & Yutaki!

Haha trying to make Wendy look tall. Unfortunately for her all 3 of us are semi-giants by Singapore's standards (Yutaki is considered a giant lol). And she is... to put it nicely... short. Hahahaha.

So does it look like we (bleached) blondes have more fun than the brunettes?

Yutaki helping himself to my camera pft...

Headed to Wendy's house after to see Dashiel!
She was driving her new car :O
See her new episode of Guide to Life on Clicknetwork!

First time I took pictures while in the car actually, although I've had my license for 4 years!
*good driver*

Yuh why the traffic light so long one ah?!

I'm blogging from the hostel in Athens now! :D
(which only has wifi in the lobby T_T)
Ok it'll take a while before my holiday pictures ever see the day on my blog haha.
So uh... follow me on Instagram? Lol.


Monday, June 17, 2013

So I'm finally blogging about becoming blonde! That was probably one of the most interesting things that happened to me recently haha. And I guess... it's a conversation starter? 
"Omg you dyed your hair!" - no shit Sherlock

**** **** ****

I never really asked what anyone thought about my new hair colour, but naturally of course everybody feels like they need to give me their opinion on how it looks. You know what? I don't actually care.

While I'm sure naturally I suit being a brunette better (I am half Azn after all), I'm quite happy that I've managed to pull off blonde! This semester was my last one at school & throughout I was always thinking about how I wanted to do something crazy with my hair - simply because I can.

Once I start working & enter "grown-up" life proper, crazy hair colours won't really be suitable.
Originally I had even wanted to try pink, or blue, or purple. It didn't matter really, I just wanted to try it.

Now I know how I look like blonde (I am half European after all) & I think I managed to ~ work it ~ pretty well! I don't regret it at all & I'll kind of miss it, you know, simply being able to shock people a little & being able to make blonde jokes. Lol.

**** **** ****

In 2009 I decided to cut bangs one day, & it came out looking like it was done with a bowl.

In 2010 I decided to DIY-dye my hair, just to try, & it came out erm... orange. Like coppery orange. And it was simply funny. Why do people think they need to tell you what they think, & reinforce that you don't look that good now? It's just tactless & come on, I have a mirror at home. I'm not blind. Instead maybe start out with, "Are you planning to keep this color/haircut?". Let the person laugh & tell you herself how it was a disaster & how she of course plans to get it fixed soon.
It's much more pleasant than volunteering that it's not flattering. 
Even if it's true & even if they already know it, it's not a nice feeling.
It's pretty simple - Of course I can laugh at myself, but you laughing at me first doesn't feel good.

The bottomline is, TAKE A CHILL PILL YO. Live & let live.
I don't mean this just with regards to hair, but look! Even there people fret so much.
Life is about experiences no? Take a seat back & laugh a little. See where life brings you.

**** **** ****

Anyhow, of course I had my hair done at trusty Salon Vim!
I'm actually going back there tomorrow to get my hair done again (this post is kind of overdue... my dark hair roots have already grown out hahaha) & I haven't decided what I'll do to it yet!

I hadn't actually planned to go blonde! I was going to try an ash-grey first, but bleaching my hair produced more blondeness than greyness, so... I just went with it!

I'm scared of the pain from bleach, so the area near my scalp was actually only dyed.
The parts below were bleached. So thankfully the whole process was quite smooth (I have a sensitive scalp), although it did mean my dark roots grew out faster.

Depending on the colour you want you may have to bleach your hair multiple times!

Day 1

Here's the result after bleaching:

My hair is ridiculously & stubbornly orange. Every time I dye it, it comes out orange. FML.
Anyway I thought it was hilarious & sent pictures to everyone!

Colouring after bleaching:

Came out much more blondish!

It was still a bit on the yellow side, so the next day I went back to Salon Vim to get the colour toned down further! (You can do it all in one day if you allocate enough time to the stylists)

Day 2

After the second visit, it came out a nicer platinum blonde!
This below is probably the most accurate colour post-visit:
The blonde was on the lighter, grey/white side!

Since then my hair has naturally yellowed a bit (colour fades) but it still looks quite blonde!
Took a bunch of pictures below! No more captions I guess...

P.S. Blue contact lens to suit the blonde hair!

If you're wondering about the condition of my hair, I would honestly say that considering what it's gone through... it's fantastic. It's a bit drier than previously, but other than that it's still very manageable! 

If you think my hair looks wispy/dry, then FYI it looked like that back when I hadn't done a thing to my hair, a.k.a. since young haha. It's always been a little flyaway & wispy. 
So to me, for it to look the same after bleaching is quite impressive.

AND that's also factoring in that I am super lazy to use hair masks, which can really, really help damaged hair. The rare times I do use it I can immediately see a huge difference. Crucial!

If you're looking to dye your hair, you should also consider treatments. 
A hair treatment will considerably improve your hair's condition & thereafter you should follow up with hair masks/conditioner on a regular basis to keep it healthy. 
Salon Vim does treatments for me when I dye my hair!

Have a little fun with your hair this summer!

Salon Vim by Chez Vous GSS promotion
 Valid from 1st June - 31st July: 

 ♡ 30% off Color and SS2013 highlight - get a haircut at 30% off too 
30% off Treatment (Privy or Redken Cocktail) - get a haircut at 30% off too 

 For enquiries & appointments, call: 
- 6884 7757 (313 @ Somerset) 
- 6837 0073 (Bugis) 
- 6732 9388 (Chez Vous @ Takashimaya) 

 * Note that the discount only applies for Spring/Summer 2013 Colors + Highlights
- other dye jobs will not receive 30% off

**** **** ****

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* Quote my name to get 10% off all salon services on your first visit!
(not applicable with GSS Spring/Summer 2013 discount)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Apparel reviews!

In the span of 2 weeks I tore 3 contact lenses. All on the left side. This has like, never happened to me before. Result = dug out old sponsored Freshkon coloured lenses. Which may or may not be expired.

I normally wear clear prescription lenses.
I have astigmatism, which coloured lenses aren't able to correct/help.
And 600 degree myopia T_T lol
Basically I am half-blind without my contact lens/spectacles.
Really hope to get LASIK soon! *cough* sponsor please? *cough*

So in view of my blonde hair, I decided to use my blue lenses!

*** *** ***

Cute cross peplum top from MarzlTov! Definitely bringing this to Europe!
P.S. Quote "Sophie" to get $1 off!

*** *** ***

Prancing in Posies top from Clothes Republic
Another cute piece for the summer with the little chiffon roses & light material :)

*** *** ***

Pretty lilac-blue dress from Ecstatic Summer!
This classic design comes in pink & yellow as well!
P.S. Quote "sophie10" to get 10% off your total purchase!

Yutaki's birthday

Thursday, June 06, 2013
Yutaki held his birthday at a suite at Hotel Re!

He says he gets this strawberry chocolate tart from Raffles City every year so this year Qiuting went to buy it for him (she says no one should buy their own birthday cake)(I never really cared). And all the way he kept raving about how good it was & got us all excited... Then we tried it.... Meh. Hahaha.

Two birthday cakes!

Pictures of the birthday boy:

After that I had to help him take photos with his camera so there are few in mine :(
And his will be seen like... in 2017 haha. He hasn't even blogged last year's birthday! >:(

I told him I'm blogging about his birthday & he said, "blog for me can"? Hahahahaha

With the bloggers:

Rachell, Qiuting, Peggy & I with Yutaki!

Double layer necklaces from Jipaban!

Hahaha Yutaki's friends Hellven & Nich made this cutout of him. 
Damn amusing!

Am I pretty?

Hahahaha with the right angle it looks like it could really be Yutaki posing behind his cake.

Macarons & bear marshmallow from Rachell!

*** ***

Irrelevant pictures from another day, where I met Yutaki & Miyake & they used my camera:

*** ***

Yutaki is famous for his 3 photobooks, the last released the day of his birthday!

Volume 1 - A Dream in Paris
Volume 2 - Summer Love
Volume 3 - A Flower Boy's Tale

A Flower Boy's tale is the 3rd book!

I helped take some photos ^_^ By that I mean I held the camera haha.

Those are just some of the HD wallpapers you can download!

All his pictures are self-styled, self-shot & self-edited.
And this year it has been made into an actual BOOK.

Huge, thick hardcover book! 
And I got a signed copy ^_^

I love the preppy, dapper, gentlemanly look!
Visit his blog to see the full photobook & the crazy number of pictures!