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Saturday, June 22, 2013
Met Yutaki, Qiuting & Wendy for dinner the other day at White Rabbit! Wendy hasn't been out in a while because of Dashiel's birth & I was flying off in a few days so... reunion! 
White Rabbit is also where Qiuting had her surprise proposal!

P.S. Area outside the White Rabbit toilet has nice lighting haha

Qiuting was making a funny face behind & it was too ugly to show...
Yutaki ever camera-ready! And yes I have officially stopped smiling with teeth at all O.O

Qiuting, Wendy & Yutaki!

Haha trying to make Wendy look tall. Unfortunately for her all 3 of us are semi-giants by Singapore's standards (Yutaki is considered a giant lol). And she is... to put it nicely... short. Hahahaha.

So does it look like we (bleached) blondes have more fun than the brunettes?

Yutaki helping himself to my camera pft...

Headed to Wendy's house after to see Dashiel!
She was driving her new car :O
See her new episode of Guide to Life on Clicknetwork!

First time I took pictures while in the car actually, although I've had my license for 4 years!
*good driver*

Yuh why the traffic light so long one ah?!

I'm blogging from the hostel in Athens now! :D
(which only has wifi in the lobby T_T)
Ok it'll take a while before my holiday pictures ever see the day on my blog haha.
So uh... follow me on Instagram? Lol.

5 comments on "4 Blog Friends"
  1. Wendy looks so nice! and I really like the necklace you're wearing Hanna

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    You're already off for holidays!! No wonder ur blog look so quiet and i saw xiaxue ig they're shopping at H&M and you're not there! Have fun soapz! Enjoy urself!!!

    And ya all this while i read ur blog, i never see you taking pics in car before!! lol

    - K

  3. You're all flawless,
    Seriously Yutaki never has a bad angle!


  4. Ah yay! :D Four of my favourite bloggers all together! I love your new hair so much! :O
    It's like F4 but girls (+ yutaki xD)

  5. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Wow, blonde hair is a really different look for you!!! How are you liking it?