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Monday, June 17, 2013

So I'm finally blogging about becoming blonde! That was probably one of the most interesting things that happened to me recently haha. And I guess... it's a conversation starter? 
"Omg you dyed your hair!" - no shit Sherlock

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I never really asked what anyone thought about my new hair colour, but naturally of course everybody feels like they need to give me their opinion on how it looks. You know what? I don't actually care.

While I'm sure naturally I suit being a brunette better (I am half Azn after all), I'm quite happy that I've managed to pull off blonde! This semester was my last one at school & throughout I was always thinking about how I wanted to do something crazy with my hair - simply because I can.

Once I start working & enter "grown-up" life proper, crazy hair colours won't really be suitable.
Originally I had even wanted to try pink, or blue, or purple. It didn't matter really, I just wanted to try it.

Now I know how I look like blonde (I am half European after all) & I think I managed to ~ work it ~ pretty well! I don't regret it at all & I'll kind of miss it, you know, simply being able to shock people a little & being able to make blonde jokes. Lol.

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In 2009 I decided to cut bangs one day, & it came out looking like it was done with a bowl.

In 2010 I decided to DIY-dye my hair, just to try, & it came out erm... orange. Like coppery orange. And it was simply funny. Why do people think they need to tell you what they think, & reinforce that you don't look that good now? It's just tactless & come on, I have a mirror at home. I'm not blind. Instead maybe start out with, "Are you planning to keep this color/haircut?". Let the person laugh & tell you herself how it was a disaster & how she of course plans to get it fixed soon.
It's much more pleasant than volunteering that it's not flattering. 
Even if it's true & even if they already know it, it's not a nice feeling.
It's pretty simple - Of course I can laugh at myself, but you laughing at me first doesn't feel good.

The bottomline is, TAKE A CHILL PILL YO. Live & let live.
I don't mean this just with regards to hair, but look! Even there people fret so much.
Life is about experiences no? Take a seat back & laugh a little. See where life brings you.

**** **** ****

Anyhow, of course I had my hair done at trusty Salon Vim!
I'm actually going back there tomorrow to get my hair done again (this post is kind of overdue... my dark hair roots have already grown out hahaha) & I haven't decided what I'll do to it yet!

I hadn't actually planned to go blonde! I was going to try an ash-grey first, but bleaching my hair produced more blondeness than greyness, so... I just went with it!

I'm scared of the pain from bleach, so the area near my scalp was actually only dyed.
The parts below were bleached. So thankfully the whole process was quite smooth (I have a sensitive scalp), although it did mean my dark roots grew out faster.

Depending on the colour you want you may have to bleach your hair multiple times!

Day 1

Here's the result after bleaching:

My hair is ridiculously & stubbornly orange. Every time I dye it, it comes out orange. FML.
Anyway I thought it was hilarious & sent pictures to everyone!

Colouring after bleaching:

Came out much more blondish!

It was still a bit on the yellow side, so the next day I went back to Salon Vim to get the colour toned down further! (You can do it all in one day if you allocate enough time to the stylists)

Day 2

After the second visit, it came out a nicer platinum blonde!
This below is probably the most accurate colour post-visit:
The blonde was on the lighter, grey/white side!

Since then my hair has naturally yellowed a bit (colour fades) but it still looks quite blonde!
Took a bunch of pictures below! No more captions I guess...

P.S. Blue contact lens to suit the blonde hair!

If you're wondering about the condition of my hair, I would honestly say that considering what it's gone through... it's fantastic. It's a bit drier than previously, but other than that it's still very manageable! 

If you think my hair looks wispy/dry, then FYI it looked like that back when I hadn't done a thing to my hair, a.k.a. since young haha. It's always been a little flyaway & wispy. 
So to me, for it to look the same after bleaching is quite impressive.

AND that's also factoring in that I am super lazy to use hair masks, which can really, really help damaged hair. The rare times I do use it I can immediately see a huge difference. Crucial!

If you're looking to dye your hair, you should also consider treatments. 
A hair treatment will considerably improve your hair's condition & thereafter you should follow up with hair masks/conditioner on a regular basis to keep it healthy. 
Salon Vim does treatments for me when I dye my hair!

Have a little fun with your hair this summer!

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(not applicable with GSS Spring/Summer 2013 discount)

34 comments on "Blondie"
  1. If you use a purple shampoo it helps to keep it from going to orange. Hanna Marie

  2. Cassie10:28 AM

    You sibeh sui la pls. Whoever said you cant pull it off/ not suitable for you might have mucus on their eyes. You've got some nerve there to try blonde, that's courage XD And couldn't agree with you more that after entering working life, the chance of becoming a blondie might be 0% (unless your work as the fashion line etc) That's why most of us stay with black, dark brown or reddish hair.

  3. You make a beautiful blonde; it makes you look very cherubic and doll-like. I hope you stay with this hair colour for a while!

  4. I don't know what other people say, but I think blonde suits you as well as being a brunette is. You have the right skin tone for it. I've always wondered when will you ever go blond. I like your picture at day 2. The one where you're wearing black. It reminds me of Misa from Death Note.

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    can I know where u get the black dress from?

    1. It's a top & long black skirt together! Top is from, skirt is a basic one you can find anywhere.

    2. Anonymous2:40 PM

      You feeling the need to tell commentators to take a chill pill means you should save one for yourself.

      Everyone loves a compliment not criticism--but hey, they're all free whether warranted or not. Learn to shrug them off and we'll shrug off your bad hair choices.

    3. What. My point is WHO CARES if your hair came out ugly? 1) Laugh about it & 2) People like you, who feel they need to volunteer their opinion, should at least know how to do it nicely.

      I don't care if I look better brunette or if the blonde is ugly. I would have done it anyway, just for the novelty.

  6. just found ur blog . u look so beautiful :)

  7. You look really lovely with blonde hair!

  8. Anonymous2:53 PM

    love the bag! damn you're rich. hahaha

  9. Anonymous3:36 PM

    You look so good with blonde! And cute too with the side pony tail. Because your face have this angmoh look and blonde really look good on you la.

    The person who said you can't pull it off is possibly envy of you because you look so damn fine with blonde while they don't even have guts to try it out like you do!

    I love the third photo from bottom. You have this angmoh look on you!!

    - K

  10. Your hair turned out so pretty! It suits you very well too. You look lovely :3

  11. You look so pretty in that Black dress ! Suits the blonde hair really well:)


  12. But I like the first blonde = w = (the pic that you took in salon with the slight curl after first dying. So hard to explain the pic lol.)

    And in one pic when you wear blue contacts you look so angmoh o.o

  13. Blonde hair looks good on you. But I'm just wondering why you never manage your brows to suit your hair colour? It'll look more natural. :-)

  14. I love your blonde hair.. suit for you.. i think you look more gorgeous with blonde hair.. hehe

  15. Blonde really suits you! And you look great with the blonde hair & red lipstick
    Have fun! Whip your hair back and forth haha

  16. no worries u look really good in blonde! =D

    Heaven Knows

  17. You look like you are only 15/16 in the nerd tee!^^

  18. Hey girl. You look great in blonde because you are so fair and so Eurasian-looking! So dont need to care what other people say. =)

    By the way, can I know where you got your black top/dress in your Day 2 photo? It's so sexy and nice!!

    Thanks girl!!

  19. I'm a huge fan of your blog! :)
    and you look great as a blonde! super liked that photo with you and Xiaxue bc you're both blondes now ahahah, and it sounds you like you got a bit of her attitude too hehe ;)
    props to you for making the most out of your last term in school! :D


  20. Oh my... You are so stunning! I found your blog accidentally and I'm so glad I did :) I'm Eurasian (half Korean) and I always wanted to try blonde hair as well. I do know that in overall I could pull it off well, if not my dark eyebrows! T_T Anyway - I absolutely love your new hair color :) I'm so sorry for my horrible English!

  21. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Sooo... how long are you planning to keep this hair color? lol until u have a job?

  22. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Niceee but ur eyebrows are a tad too dark imo :)

  23. Anonymous3:59 AM

    May I ask what texture is your hair? Fine and thin? And would you recommend that fine and thin hair be bleached?

    1. Fine! That's why it's so flyaway. My hair was pretty healthy before so I guess you need to have good hair before bleaching? Consult a hair salon!

  24. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Hi! Got nothing to say to how you look! But I guess you had not thought if it's a good idea draw attention to yourself (a head full of long golden hair on someone who clearly doesn't look white is very eye-catching) as a traveler... as seeing you're about to do some major traveling...

    Hope you stay safe for all your adventures!

    1. Didn't see it as important enough a reason. Like I said, last chance!

  25. The blond color looks really good on you!

  26. Anonymous8:27 AM

    not a big fan of the blonde hair at all. sorry, makes you look just like any other girls. should have stayed with black or dark drown.

    1. Did you even read anything I said? My point is that I DON'T CARE which looks better, I'm doing it for the experience. And I think that people like you who feel the need to tell others they look worse are incredibly rude.

  27. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Looks good! But I think you should bleach your brows too! It's strikingly odd now.

  28. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Try using purple/toning shampoos, it takes the brass out of the blonde