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Pink Hair for Europe

Friday, July 05, 2013
Before I left for my trip to Europe (typing this from Ibiza!) I got my hair done at Salon Vim!

For enquiries & appointments, call: 
- 6884 7757 (313 @ Somerset) 
- 6837 0073 (Bugis) 
- 6732 9388 (Chez Vous @ Takashimaya) 

I had my dark roots done to match my current blonde hair (which I'm still not sick of yet, but my graduation ceremony is soon so... haven't quite decided what to do)

After touching-up & toning!

I decided to add even more colour to my head...
I asked my stylist, Stephanie, to give me pink & purple highlights!
Love it as well!

The pink ended up overshadowing the purple haha.
It was darker than I expected, but Stephanie assured me it would wash out/fade to a lighter pink (which was what I wanted), which it did over the course of my Europe trip!

My friend called it "My Little Pony hair"!

Spot a bit of purple!

Below are pictures of my hair in non-salon-blow-dryed conditions!

My hair is in really good condition actually, it doesn't tangle or break easily or anything like that.
It's a bit dryer, but my hair has always been dry & flyaway so there isn't much difference to me.

And with my naturally wavy, now "rougher"-looking hair I've kinda gotten the beach bum hair look I've wanted before haha. You know there are products to give you that "sea spray hair" look?
And tutorials to make seawater to apply to your hair to give it that dry, sunkissed look haha.

First day in Istanbul! Pink still very prominent.

Slight fading in intensity already

Quite a few days later!

At the airport en route to Athens - light pink & purple

And one of our last days in Athens, taken by Viva Leng

After I went into the sea (during our stop in Athens) I noticed that the pink & purple faded considerably! So I guess the sun & saltwater made the color fade much faster, so avoid the beach if you're planning on crazy hair colours haha. But I'm really happy with my fun hair this summer!

Like I said, I still don't care what color looks best on me; I'd have done it anyway.
I wish I had more time to do something else (like my whole head O.O) but with my graduation & eventual work looming... I'm undecided :(

Would love to have more time to play around with my hair!
I love the length it's at now by the way; it reaches to the bottom of my back. Love it! Grow hair, grow!

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9 comments on "Pink Hair for Europe"
  1. I think the pink looks really nice. Too bad its faded. Ugh I wish my hair would grow as long as yours, its barely past my shoulders. Hanna Marie

  2. so adorable! i wish i could have gradient hair like that, but i don't want to bleach my black hair~

  3. Soph!<3
    Your ice cream nails are the cutest! love love love!
    Love the hair too! Cotton candy!
    We should catcccchhh up when you return to Sg! hehe what about a game of L4D2:P hehe
    Hope you're well love!

  4. I think you should keep the blonde but lighten up your eyebrows more. I think it looks really good and when you reach your late 30s and 40s, I imagine it would be hard to pull off blonde ever again, at least not as nice looking as now

  5. I love how your eyebrows look lighter in the second last photo! You look terrific.

  6. Your hair is super pretty. I love the highlights.

  7. Anonymous1:54 PM

    what is Happy's occupation?


    Happi'nurse' (happiness)

  8. nice and thanks for share

  9. love the princess esque hair, especially the purple touches!