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Paris - Vlog

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A vlog from my trip to Paris, back in December 2012! I know. I'm so bogged down by backdated posts! Anyhow this post is for our last day in Paris, after which we took the train to Zurich.
(To be precise, we missed our train to Zurich & had to buy a new ticket T_T)

This vlog is about the hostel we stayed in - St Christopher's Inn - which is thus far easily the best one I've been to (I've stayed in 7 hostels so far). They have chains in many major European cities so do check them out if you're considering a pocket-friendly trip up!

P.S. Totally judging myself now that I am *cough* 9 months older & wiser.

Sarah with my suitcase (I have no idea why she is posing with it)!

The table, which got decidedly messier since we girls moved in... hahaha.

And this is one reason why I actually feel that mixed dorms are better.
It's perfectly safe & it's not awkward at all; everyone has respect for each other.

When you stay in a dorm with JUST girls, it's a freaking luggage explosion hahaha. And plus they tend to be more difficult compared to the guys & will be really anal about the light being on & noise & stuff like that. Basically... girls are harder to live with :x

Someone sleeping & a great touch by the hostel - an individual light & sockets on the wall

Our hostel wasn't that centrally located (very central areas would be exorbitantly priced anyway, so you won't find hostels there) but it was near a metro & that was good enough! Travel time was maybe 30 mins? The area isn't noisy as well. The only downside would be a lack of food/stores.

Paris - L'Opera (aka Day 2)

I haven't quite figured out how to get the labels/tags on my blogposts to appear >:(

Daphne's birthday!

Friday, August 16, 2013
Hahaha as usual this post is so overdue O.O
Uh. Her birthday was in March LOL.

Anyhow she held a get-together at her place with a Hello Kitty/pink theme!

Daphne with her giant Hello Kitty balloon & customized Hello Kitty cake!

Decked out in pink for the occasion...

With Hazel & my Hello Kitty hairband (from H&M)!

With Giselle, Hazel & the birthday girl Daphne!

Very cute Hello Kitty cake! If I remember correctly I think it was lychee martini flavoured?

And even cuter Hello Kitty cupcakes! Everyone (ok the girls) loved the designs!

So much Hello Kitty in one picture haha. Too bad she isn't wearing a Hello Kitty dress.

Very very cute!

Please don't ask me where she got them from! You can bring designs to any baker of your choice & ask them if they're able to do it (she picked the design herself). 
Or if you really want you can ask her on her Instagram! (see below)

A poster of Daphne that welcomes you at her house hahahaha.
But she looks great here!

She's done some other shoots as well because she's been featured in magazines!

Here's one I took from her Instagram @ohh_divine:

So any questions regarding the Hello Kitty balloon/cupcake (anticipation) please ask her lolol.

And oh yah awseome 1-bar wifi at my house -_- But nah it's fast enough for my phone haha.
For those of you who don't know, switching to iPhone 5 means you don't have unlimited data anymore T_T So at home I use my wifi!

Anyhow, TGIF everyone! I really need to start blogging more actively again O.O

Browhaus Eye Define

Thursday, August 08, 2013
Popped by the Browhaus Wheelock outlet the other day to try their semi-permanent eyeliner treatment!

Read on to get the treatment done for yourself as well at 50% off!

Browhaus' Eye Define treatment is a semi-permanent treatment that lines & defines your eyes, making them appear brighter & bigger! It's possible to have the treatment done on both your top or bottom eyelids!

Below are some sample Before/Afters:

The Browhaus Eye Define treatment involves using a single needle machine to lightly scratch the surface of the skin, depositing vegetable dye to create the defined, semi-permanent eyeliner effect.

You can choose from 2 shades - black or brown.
In less than 90 minutes, you can have perfectly lined eyes which can last for 3 to 5 years!

Browhaus therapists are trained for at least 2 years each before they are able to perform the treatment & a brand new needle is used for every treatment.

Wheelock branch:

Sat down & had the Browhaus Eye Define treatment briefly explained!
Let your therapist know what kind of look you're going for (thin or full eyeliner, wing-tips... etc)!

First the therapist will draw eyeliner on for you normally so that you can gauge how you want the effect to look like! Like most first-timers I asked for a thin line, but you can easily opt for something thicker! I saw a few Before/Afters with fuller lining & it looked really convenient since you won't even need to add on any eyeliner. However if you're cautious you can stick to a thinner line & add on with touch-ups later if you decide on a particular look that you can commit to :)

The therapist drew wing-tips for me at first & it looked good, but just before we started I decided I didn't want them :x I mean I generally draw wing-tips for myself now, but I didn't really want to commit to anything obvious for so long! So she erased the eyeliner & re-drew them for my approval.

After I agreed, a numbing cream was applied!

You keep your eyes shut from the point the numbing cream is applied until the end of the treatment.
Browhaus provides disposable earphones for you to listen to your music during the treatment!
I thought this was a clever touch because sitting there with my eyes closed would make me fidgety.

Starting the treatment!

And as I'm sure you're wondering...


It basically just feels like someone drawing eyeliner for you with perhaps a slightly sharper pencil than normal, but other than that it was a very mundane 30-45 minutes lol.

Right after the treatment my eyes felt tired, as if I really lacked sleep or had just cried heavily.
This went away fairly quickly though. You can see slight redness around the eyeliner line & it basically just feels maybe a bit sensitive for the rest of the day, but nothing particularly troubling.

Below is how I looked after! (Only wore concealer & lipstick)

I was worried about swelling at first, but luckily for me I didn't experience much swelling!
My double eyelids appeared maybe more defined than before due to the swelling, but other than that it was very mild. The next day it was pretty much gone for me.

You should avoid wearing eye makeup up to a week after the treatment!
However by the 2nd or 3rd day I was applying eyeliner on my lower eyelid & mascara :X
It really depends on the individual ok! Gauge yourself how your skin is taking to the dye.

Downtime of the procedure is really short (3 - 7 days), but results during this time will differ person to person. But most people I know who've done this treatment didn't experience much swelling either!

2 days later:

Bare face! Clean & defined upper line.

The Build & Fix duo help to cleanse & heal eyelids post-treatment.

Pulled up my eyelids to show you guys the line! 
There's still some light redness along it, but it didn't hurt or anything. Avoid rubbing your eyes though!

Here's me with just concealer:

And me with concealer, lower eyeliner, light mascara & lipstick:

My liner is really super thin but you can opt for a fuller one to achieve your desired makeup look!

The Browhaus Eye Define is definitely for girls who want to save some time in the mornings! And it's suitable for either light or thicker makeup, simply by adjusting how full you want it drawn.

If you're comfortable with light makeup for work/school, then a thin line is fine! If not you can get a fuller one to save yourself the hassle of drawing eyeliner in the mornings & risking smudging/fading during the day, especially with normal secretion of oil by our skin & the humid climate!

Browhaus Eye Define: 

- Takes only 1 hour (Upper Eyelid) / 1.5 hours (Upper and Lower Eyelid) 
- Short downtime (only 3-7 days) with long lasting results of 3-5 years 
- Uses vegetable dyes, 100% safe for all skin types 
- Uses a top-grade anaesthetic (numbing cream)
- Performed by Specialists with at least 2 years’ experience 
- For safety & comfort your therapist is with you throughout your treatment 

The Browhaus Eye Define retails at $856.00 (Upper Eyeline), $642.00 (Lower Eyeline) & $107.00 (Tune Up: Maintenance for each Eyeline, to be done within 6 months of first eyeline done)! 
Prices are inclusive of GST. The Eye Define is available at all Browhaus outlets in Singapore. 


Quote 'Sophie Willocq' to redeem the Eye Define Upper Eyeline at $400 (U.P. $856)! Available at all Browhaus outlets. Valid to first time Eye Define customers till 7 September 2013 only. 
Prices are inclusive of GST.

Visit for store listings!


Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Dug up more unposted #OOTD pictures! These must have been taken sometime in March - April 2013, back when I was still using my iPhone 4S O.O The picture quality is so bad not because of the phone/camera, but because I dropped it & the back screen cracked T_T haha.

Anyhow... iPhone 5 ftw!

And wow these were taken back when I was still doing my last semester at NUS O.O
Time flies.

P.S. As always, if I say "online" it means it's from a blogshop or another & I can't recall which.

| Top - H&M | Shorts - H&M | Necklace - somewhere in Norway | Bag - Longchamp |

| Dress - ASOS |

| Top & Skirt - Online | Shoes - Marc by Marc Jacobs | Tassel earrings - Bugis Village |

| Top - Bangkok | Skirt - Qiuting's shop Rarebits! | Bag - Balenciaga Giant City |

| Dress - Bangkok | Bag - Chloe Paraty | H&M necklace worn as hairpiece haha }

| Dress - Her Velvet Vase | Bag - Chloe Paraty |

The ballerina flats from New Look that I mentioned before, which come in a multitude of colors!
This blue pair is my 4th. I don't know if they're still retailing though, didn't see them the other day :(

| Top, belt & shorts - F21 | I am such a boring shopper

| Top - Bangkok | Skirt - F21 | Bag - Chanel ST |

| Top - Maryjulian on Jipaban | Skirt - Bangkok | Bag - Balenciaga Giant City | Bracelets - ASOS |

| Top - Editor's Market | Skirt - online | Necklace - Soeurs at Cineleisure |

| Top - Bangkok | Shorts - F21 | Necklace - Jipaban |

| Top - F21 | Skirt - Rarebits (I have this in navy blue as well) | Cardigan - Song & Song (from the Budget Barbie episode I did with Qiuting!) | Ballerina flats - New Look | Belt - F21 |

| Top - Topshop | Skirt - F21 | Clutch - YSL Belle du Jour | Bangle -  F21 |

| Top - F21 | Shorts & Blazer - Online | Necklace - H&M |

| Top - Editor's Market | Skirt - Seoul | Rings - Marc by Marc Jacobs & Topshop |

| Top - from godzillion years ago like when I was 17 | Skirt - Online | Ring - YSL Arty Ring | Bag - YSL Mini Cabas ChYc | Necklace - no idea anymore |

Yeah seriously most of my stuff is from F21 or H&M... And every time I pick a certain item to wear, I tend to use it to death for a period of time (e.g. the Rarebits purple skirt or F21 floral shorts or blue New Look flats). Then I don't touch them for months until I re-discover them one day & the cycle repeats.

Ok yay it's the long weekend! Happy Hari Raya & National Day in advance! :D
I shall attempt to sleep early tonight. I will not... play... Candy Crush...