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Daphne's birthday!

Friday, August 16, 2013
Hahaha as usual this post is so overdue O.O
Uh. Her birthday was in March LOL.

Anyhow she held a get-together at her place with a Hello Kitty/pink theme!

Daphne with her giant Hello Kitty balloon & customized Hello Kitty cake!

Decked out in pink for the occasion...

With Hazel & my Hello Kitty hairband (from H&M)!

With Giselle, Hazel & the birthday girl Daphne!

Very cute Hello Kitty cake! If I remember correctly I think it was lychee martini flavoured?

And even cuter Hello Kitty cupcakes! Everyone (ok the girls) loved the designs!

So much Hello Kitty in one picture haha. Too bad she isn't wearing a Hello Kitty dress.

Very very cute!

Please don't ask me where she got them from! You can bring designs to any baker of your choice & ask them if they're able to do it (she picked the design herself). 
Or if you really want you can ask her on her Instagram! (see below)

A poster of Daphne that welcomes you at her house hahahaha.
But she looks great here!

She's done some other shoots as well because she's been featured in magazines!

Here's one I took from her Instagram @ohh_divine:

So any questions regarding the Hello Kitty balloon/cupcake (anticipation) please ask her lolol.

And oh yah awseome 1-bar wifi at my house -_- But nah it's fast enough for my phone haha.
For those of you who don't know, switching to iPhone 5 means you don't have unlimited data anymore T_T So at home I use my wifi!

Anyhow, TGIF everyone! I really need to start blogging more actively again O.O

9 comments on "Daphne's birthday!"
  1. Those Hello Kitty cupcakes are too cute!!

    xx Mandy

  2. I super love your Hello Kitty headband!!!

  3. happy birthday daphne

  4. Anonymous11:38 PM

    is jipaban down for good

  5. Anonymous4:28 PM

    omg sophie what is your weight? I am 171cm which is around your height but I want to lose weight to look better. Hope you don't mind sharing your weight :)

    1. It's actually in my Formspring Bio. But I put on weight liaooooo... Now it ranges from 52 to 54kg. Like a month ago I think I was 50-52kg haha. Dammit. I put on once I started work.

  6. Anonymous3:17 PM

    hey sophie who's the guy on the extreme left (black studs) in the first group pic? he's cute!