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Saturday, October 26, 2013
Afternoon picnic on (relatively) sunny Sunday afternoon.
The skies were overcast but I somehow managed to get sunburnt -_-
I have spaghetti-straps tan lines now :/

I think I basically ate only the pasta & pizza. Ma fav foods!!!

Sneakers to the beach.
It has been 3 months. I miss my slippers!

LOL #wannabeTumblr

Happy Halloween!
Halloween is one of my favourite events of the year! I love seeing the costumes & dressing up!
I'm off to shower & become a blue crayon!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Had a haircut + dye + treatment at Salon Vim!

I've since gone back to (almost) jet black hair.

I kind of miss my blonde hair :'(
And I was originally planning to do a full head of some crazy colour like pink or purple or blue, or basically, whatever. Just because I could, & why not? Only socially acceptable age to do that is now!
But I didn't have time to with graduation & starting work & what not.

If I go pink-haired at like, 27 years old, will you guys judge me?

It's not that I always wanted coloured hair (I never cared really), it's just one of those "OH YEAH I'VE DONE THAT" thing. Like. I have gone blonde. ~ Woo ~

Anyhow, considering all that my hair has gone through it's still pretty healthy!

Stephanie (my stylist at Salon Vim) specially selected a Kerastase treatment combining formulas targeting coloured & weakened hair! They literally combine drops of each liquid to form the magic solution that's going on your hair. Bloody technical really.

Back to choppy, blunt bangs!

Some selfies (what's new) taken at home!

My place actually underwent some renovations & my mom changed rooms, moving into what was previously the study room. So now her old room is the new study room where I have my ring light & tripod &... long story short the wall colours are different. Yes that's the conclusion of this useless soliloquy.

Using the new YSL lipstain #108! The tube actually looks purple but when you apply it it comes out more as a... metallic fuschia? Surprisingly wearable compared to the purple I was expecting.

Floral crown from F21!

If you want to go to Salon Vim...

* Quote my name to get 10% off all salon services on your first visit!
(not applicable with other discounts)

For enquiries & appointments, call: 
- 6884 7757 (313 @ Somerset) 
- 6837 0073 (Bugis) 
- 6732 9388 (Chez Vous @ Takashimaya) 

The Tiramisu Hero

Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Went with Yutaki for the launch of Peggy's (a.k.a sixpegs) new cafe, The Tiramisu Hero!

Peggy started out selling her tiramisu from home & has now set up her own cafe with Aileen!
They serve food other than tiramisu of course! Their menu also features savoury items such as Macaroni & Cheese, as well as other desserts.

The Tiramisu Hero
(@thetiramisuhero on Instagram)

121 Tyrwhitt Road

In case you're lazy to Google, the cafe is located opposite Jalan Besar Stadium :)

One key feature of their tiramisu (other than taste!) is that they come in these little jars!
They have tiramisu in many other sizes & packaging as well of course!

Layers & layers of tiramisu goodness!
If you order tiramisu (not off-the-counter), you can customise things like alcohol level & sweetness!

They also have various flavours like Milo & Strawberry (if I recall correctly)!

With Yutaki in the toilet! Check out the cute moustache decal on the mirror!
The mascot of The Tiramisu Hero is Sir Antonio, a cute cat with a moustache!
(you'll see him later)

Haha it was super hard to get the right placement for the moustache over my face in the photo.

Check out the ceiling pompoms! 
Overall the amount of effort for decor in the cafe is really impressive!

No visit to The Tiramisu Hero is complete without a photo as Sir Antonio!

I love how they had this big head of Sir Antonio made & mounted on the wall!
Everybody took pictures with it!

(It's a tad bit too low for me to stand up fully haha)

Sir Antonio says Ze Tiramisu iz le very good!
(Actually I don't know what nationality he's meant to be lol. I think Italian maybe haha).

And... random picture taken in Ion's toilets.

On Saturday I spent the whole day watching 16 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
I know. My life is exciting.
Ok toodles.


Wednesday, October 02, 2013
Couple of weeks ago Jane from Malaysia came to Singapore so Yutaki & I met up with her (2nd time!)(by the time I blog this we've already met a 3rd time because she came to Singapore again haha) & brought her to Antoinette for cakes!

I had never tried Antoinette before but had heard about it. We went to the Palais Renaissance branch on a Sunday & it was pretty quiet so go there to avoid crowds! Antoinette is pretty pricey though, if you get a full meal with a main, dessert & drink it'll likely end up around $50/person.

The macarons were mediocre... I haven't tried very many brands of macarons but Laduree's is definitely better & the prices are comparable. Get Antoinette's cakes instead!

I like the white cake the most! The exterior was sort of jelly/custard-ish & there was some kind of filling inside but I forgot what it was :X Each cake is around $8 :X

Was meh.

Not too bad! It's the nutty-flavoured type of dessert. Hazelnut maybe?

Jane & Yutaki!

Bracelet from Balenciaga, iPhone 5 case from F21 & crop top from Topshop (birthday gift from Vivaleng!)

(Yes I realise it's a little awkward that my post below also features the same skirt hahaha. I swear it's just a coincidence ok, not that I wore the same skirt for 2 consecutive days! *shifty eyes*)

Headed to Cineleisure for dinner afterwards at Shokudo!

Matcha smoothie with azuki beans.

Meh face. I don't actually like Shokudo's food that much. I haven't found a dish there that I would say is good & so far I've already tried the... meatball pasta, katsu curry, chicken karaage, rosti, pizza, sushi... We just go there because it's one of the few restaurants open late! #LifeOfANightOwl
But the desserts aren't bad (creme brûlée & waffles).

Ok that's it! You probably took 5 minutes to read this post but I took 3 hours to do it up T_T
This is why I've been lazy to update lol. How on earth did I do this regularly previously?!
I was thinking about it yesterday & I think that... during my 4 years at NUS I was actually a full-time blogger & a part-time student lol. Basically I went home every day (and I only had class 3 times a week) & bummed online. #NobodyDoesReadingsUnlessYouHaveTo. 
So. I had a lot of free time for blogging.