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Kerastase treatment

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Urghhh in Photoshop I always use my saved Actions (you can record a series of actions & play it each time rather than having to do each action) to resize my pictures. It usually works fine. Then once in a while I'll realise that my stupid Photoshop changes my actions & saves it as super low image quality -_-

Hence the result below.

Anyhow, I remember that for my recent Osaka blogpost a few people commented about my hair haha.
I have rather frizzy, flyaway hair :(

It doesn't get tangles & is pretty healthy (considered all the crap I've done to it) but after a while it starts looking bushy & frizzy so that's when I decide it's time to go for hair treatment!

I used to colour my hair really often & so for the time being I've stopped doing that.
The last time was… in August I think?
So the top 5-months-worth-of-hair-growth is my natural colour!

The treatment my Salon Vim hairstylist (look for Stephanie!) did for me is the Kerastase treatment!
This time she used the formula for dry hair so as to help my hair repair itself & look healthier.
It looks so much better since the treatment!
Much less flyaway & frizzy.

I sleep with my hair up like this by the way! 
It's been a habit since young & I don't move much in my sleep so it generally stays fanned out like that.

My hair a few days later! Still looking very healthy :D
(mirror-imaged the left side to hide my messy room haha)

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6 comments on "Kerastase treatment"
  1. good trick that, mirroring the image. i will remember it. lol! thanks (:

  2. you use lenses?

    1. I wear contact lens for myopia, yes. But they're clear prescription lenses.

  3. Anonymous12:06 AM

    wish my hair is long just like you :D

  4. love the hair.