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Zurich winter

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Just a reminder that all these pictures are from December 2012 :x
I know, I'm horrible. But I pretty much look the same anyway right?

Anyhow, the streets of Zurich were lit up with Christmas lights so it was pretty nice!

Went into a random Swiss restaurant for dinner!
Sarah & I wanted to try the Swiss fondue so we decided to share one set menu since the portion seemed large enough (and it was pretty pricey…). But as soon as the waiter realised we intended to share the set his moustache bristled in indignation & he said, "but miss, this is a RESTAURANT!" which left us caught in very cheapskate-Asian headlights… So we had to order a rosti to go with it :x

The fondue was good though it gets jelat fast, but the rosti was just mediocre. Like… I can probably get better rosti at Marché. The final bill cost something like 70 SGD per person $_$

Zurich is quite pretty! The mountains are nearby too, so you can plan a day trip up to ski or snowboard but unfortunately we didn't plan for that so we had no time :(

This is the ETH Zurich University! They're located atop a hill so they've got a great view.

Made 2 friends the night before, Enrico & Stefano. Stefano is a PhD student at ETH so that's why we were at the university. Ironically enough neither are Swiss lol. They're Italians!

Caught a tram back down to the city area!
Kind of cute, but surely a pain in the ass during the student rush hour.

*sings* "How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the waggedy tail!" *sings*

Tons of One Direction accessories at Claire's...

Wanted to buy this for friends who love Hello Kitty but it was like 30 Euros for one!

Haha slanted buildings.

That evening we caught our train to Munich, so those would be the next few posts!
For December 2012 I did Paris -> Zurich -> Munich (here I part ways with Sarah) -> Paris (for Christmas with my family) -> Stavanger (to visit Vivaleng). I have a lot more backdated posts :x

Ok that's all for today! :)
2 comments on "Zurich winter"
  1. Such a late blogger haha. The city looks beautiful though :) -Hanna Lei

  2. it's very normal to find those things at Claire's... even here in Portugal i get tired to see so many things about One Direction and Justin Bieber!