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Nuffnang turns 7!

Monday, June 30, 2014
... a few months ago. Haha.

Nuffnang's 7th birthday was in February so we all headed to the bash!
Even got me hair done at Salon Vim before the dinner :D

From bush to curls:

At home after changing to go for the birthday bash!

I had a Kerastase hair treatment done at Salon Vim & the difference is always really drastic!
Bushy, flyaway hair, be gone.

Of course it's still really important to condition your hair with every wash!
You can also consider using leave-in conditioners/creams but... I lazy lah.

Once in a while you should also do a hair mask, where you apply the mask & leave it on for a while.

This Keratase one was given to me by Salon Vim!

I treat it like conditioner, just higher level. So must leave on for longer!
For hair masks I'll apply it in the shower, turn off the water & then do something else in my bathroom for a while like erm... removing my nail polish haha. Then hop back in & rinse off!

Salon Vim has moved to a new space in 313 @ Somerset by the way! It's now much, much bigger!

Find them on Facebook & Instagram.

* Quote my name to get 10% off all salon services on your first visit!
(not applicable with other discounts)

For enquiries & appointments, call: 

- 6884 7757 (313 @ Somerset
313 @ Somerset #04-25/28

- 6837 0073 (Bugis
235/235A Victoria Street

On to the birthday bash! It was held at Fullhouse at Clarke Quay!

First up is a picture of Wendy's hair accessory that night haha:

Dash looking super cute that night in a little tuxedo outfit!


Hahaha cutie

Yutaki & Qiuting! It was a complete coincidence that the 3 of us all wore red O.O


Bossming, one of the co-founders of Nuffnang saying a few words!

They also played some games that night & gave out "awards".
This was Wendy's award haha.

The birthday cake!
Oh yes the theme for the night was 007 because 7th birthday mah.


Thank you for bringing bloggers together & giving them lots of opportunities!
Wendy, Qiuting & Yutaki have grown to become some of my closest friends & hopefully we'll be attending many more birthdays together in the years to come!

A ... stenciler? I have no idea what to call this skill haha... was hired for the night!
He went around quietly cutting out outlines of people! This was mine!
And he does it extraordinarily quickly :O
The stencil like the one above took him less than a minute wtf.
Give me this image with dotted lines to follow I also take longer to cut O.O

I won a prize from one of the games!

I believe the task was to guess the blogger from a very zoomed-in picture, & I guessed Meiting correctly when presented with a zoom-in of her nose hahahaha. This means I'm either very observant or... very stalkerish.

Yutaki still papparazzing me.

Me: "Ok lah enough already!"

Rest of the pictures below were taken with Yutaki's camera!

It's super convenient now that we all use Wifi-enabled SD cards, so we just all download the pictures from one camera via Wifi! Basically this means... I no need to bring camera out liao. Might as well just wait for Yutaki's pictures because he will never fail to bring a camera & (forcefully) make everyone take pictures haha. But ok lah without him we would have at least 50% less pictures to post lol.

Coincidentally all looking matchy-matchy!
I can't believe Yutaki even has a red blazer lor lol.

Those eyes!

Dash: "Get out of my face please"

Went back to Wendy's after that! 
We had to leave the birthday early to make it in time for Dash's bedtime.

No time for pictures at the birthday so take at home!

Happy (inverted) 7th birthday Nuffnang!