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Sunday, August 10, 2014
If you used to read my very old blogposts from when I was a young(er), avidly shaving teenager (oh god that word) before ever having really met boys & dating... you might remember that one of my life goals (in all semi-seriousness) was... to be hairless from the neck down.

I despised body hair. I still do, but as it goes... once you get into stable relationship you stop caring whether your legs are shaved. Ironically or not.

I did however, start waxing. Brazilian to be exact, meaning ALL OFF.
At likely the most painful area you could wax at (I suppose).

It actually started out as a simple I-will-try-it-at-least-once-before-I-turn-21 thing with my friend Sherry & once we had begun, it made more sense to continue (it gets less painful).

Long story short, I have been waxing for 2 - 3 years now & a few waxing therapists (I have never quite figured out what to refer to them as) began recommending that I switch to IPL.

Hence I began IPL sessions at Lavande!

Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link #B1-09A S(039393)
Tel:  6238 8529

Details for the current promotional deal at the bottom :)

Lavande is conveniently located at Citylink Mall (which is linked to Cityhall MRT), so it's really accessible for those working in the town area. Plus lots of food & shops to see before/after!

I stuck to only Brazilian IPL; since many of you enquire about how I "keep such white armpits", I must be doing ok there hahaha (and the answer is that I do nothing other than shave). And since it was my first time trying out IPL, I decided against the legs as it's a pretty large area.

So on to my 1st session!

The IPL machine, which has various settings depending on the hair area, hair type & so on.

Oh yeah you wear these old-school glasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays I guess haha.

For OBVIOUS reasons I can't show any before/afters so here are some pictures from the pamphlets!

LOLOL when I saw these I was like "WAH!" & then sent it to male friends I felt needed IPL.


2nd session!
(I've only had 2 thus far & my 2nd wasn't that long ago)

Was given this white skirt to wear #IPLOOTD

This is why I need Invisalign.

Lolol artistic or not?
I must have looked real stupid squatting outside the shop taking pictures above a fake lavender bush but I'm kind of long past the stage of caring when people see me take selfies.


By the way Lavande also provides eyelash extensions, which is done at their outlet right next door!
Really convenient to get a few treatments done all at the same time!
I haven't tried their eyelash extensions (don't have any interest in extensions anytime soon) but I know they use a special technique developed in Korea!

If you're curious, you can take a look at the Dreamlash Korea Facebook HERE.


Anyhow, here's to answer some quick FAQs again:

- Very minimally. It feels like a needle prick with each laser zap.
It is for one, definitely less painful than waxing.

#2 How long does it take?
- Really quick. The whole process took 10-15 minutes at most, which also includes some trimming & post-care & so on. Again, even faster than waxing.

#3 So what happens next?
- It takes about 3 weeks for the hair to start dropping. This is actually a mildly entertaining process.
It's not gross or anything as the hair is really short.

For actual thematics regarding IPL, IPL process & so on... please see Google.

I've had my second session already & the effect is definitely less drastic as compared to after the first, but that's also because there was much less hair to drop after the first treatment. Since starting IPL I haven't really had to shave/trim/wax as the growth is really minimal & by then, it's time for your next session! (recommended to be about every 4-6 weeks) Before your session you shouldn't trim TOO much anyway as the therapist needs to see the hair type & growth areas & so on.


I really quite like the IPL process so far & would definitely be considering it for other areas eventually. I used to wax my legs as well, so I'll consider IPL for a more long-term solution.


Brazilian IPL trial at S$138 (usual S$480) & get a FREE underarm IPL session as well.

Simply quote my name to qualify :)

Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link #B1-09A S(039393)
Tel:  6238 8529

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