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It's been a long time...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
... without you my friend
*cues music for Fast & Furious 7 song*

No but seriously, I was looking at my number of blogposts & was greatly saddened by how much they've dwindled. And I clicked on a few posts & felt so bittersweet reading comments left by people. I guess in a way this blog & all the people that gave me the time of the day to come see it & sometimes leave a note, are both strangers & friends to me.

Now it feels so surreal, surreal how my life was such an open book.
I posted such mundane, mundane things like where I ate & what I did & what I wore & whatever else. You can probably call it vapid, really. But at the same time it's quite heartening how it was so... 

... simple

Those were the days before content was so carefully curated. I did of course, still watch what I said back then because well, I'm not completely retarded, but when I shared things I didn't think so much about whether it was sufficiently aesthetically pleasing. It was... just sharing things. It didn't matter if my pictures were a little grainy or too underexposed. Pictures of food were just that, no careful arrangements & deliberated placed branded sunglasses, jewelry or wallets.

Then over time that became the norm.
People stopped caring less about what you said & more about what was nice to look at.

I too, started taking better pictures. I mean, that's a good thing.
I was finally putting my DSLR to some kind of use, beyond just the Auto mode.

But wow, churning out posts the way I used to became impossible.

And I've become a lot more guarded as an "online influencer".
The same way my peers have I suppose. I know close to nothing about most new bloggers these days. I have no idea how old they are, whether they work or study, if they have any siblings, pets...


Hello! Here's a little news update about myself:

I'm currently seeing someone. Have been, for almost a year.
His name is Shaun & he is 5 years older than I am.

He's not adverse to online attention or anything like that, but I find it difficult to explain why I've become so private. 
I guess I feel a need to keep my public life as pristine as possible, as curated as every other Instagram feed out there. 
But that's not my life, it isn't pristine.

I didn't even realise, but I stopped taking pictures.
I know right? A blogger, who stopped taking pictures.

Shaun has brought it up a few times; that I never want to take pictures together. We've gone to so many places & done so many things together, but we can come back completely empty-handed, with nothing but memories. And it saddens him that after all this time, he has very little to look back on.

And I couldn't really justify it. All I can say is, I just somehow lost the habit. Without even realising it, I simply stopped. I used to carry a camera out with me every single day & I took pictures of anything & everything. Now, I lug out my heavy DSLR the whole day, just to capture 1 outfit picture for my Instagram. I've become someone who takes pictures only intended for posting online.

I used to capture everything & upload everything. Anything that wasn't uploaded was deleted. I have never kept pictures purely for the sake of just... keeping them. My form of reminiscing was Googling my own name & whatever occasion I intended to look for.

Now that I no longer blog (much), I still keep nothing. Because I have nothing to begin with.
I can't grapple with the idea of taking pictures just for them to rot in my computer.
I just somehow can't imagine taking pictures & having nothing to.. do with them.

So I stopped altogether.
But maybe I should slowly try to struggle to get that habit back?

So hey, here's a hugeass picture of us in Paris, at a fairly new attraction termed the "I Love You" wall where it's written in a multitude of different languages. It's located somewhere in the Montmartre area. Taken with my iPhone 6.
14 comments on "It's been a long time..."
  1. Hi, Sophie. I can't agree more with your post.
    Honestly I've been reading your blog since years ago and you're one of my favorite bloggers. I love the way you tell the story and random caption you wrote for your photos hahaha. All along I have been just a silent reader but I just want to let you know that I love reading your blog. Please keep writing. It is just sad nowadays to see how bloggers have turned to be too curated, if you know what I mean. Hope you have a nice day! :)

  2. Yesssss!!! I love this post! I used to care about how great my pictures have to be or what kind of content I need to write so as to fit in the 'mould' of a blogger & be successful at it but I've realized that I should just do what I want and if people read - or not - I should just keep on sharing what I want to share and break away from the 'perfect' blogger ctiteria. I've been a reader since years back & I like how you dont conform to this whole pristine blogger life thingamajic, & that's what keeps me coming back here to read.

  3. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Happy to see your new post! :)

    -a long time reader

  4. Hope you can find joy in photography for yourself again! ♡ You both look lovely together :)

  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Hello there Sophie! I come here in the oft chance that you might post something. And was rewarded! You're so much more than just another pretty face. Your thoughts, expressions, and feelings are gold, and even if they're not posted here, or perfect, they're precious to those who can appreciate you. I've been one-sidedly consuming all your content these years and I thought I would come say a thank you! For being willing to share your experiences with us, and for putting yourself out there. It takes a lot of courage to share personal content with the rest of the world (on a mere iphone, no less!) thank you for sacrificing your privacy, for your bravery, and your good grammar.

  6. daphne12:13 PM

    Couldn't agree more with your post. I am actually starting to get tired of reading blogs with curated content which I think many people will eventually. Yes the photos are pretty, but it feels too fake. Many bloggers are posting the same shit repeatedly just to become famous. It's like a formula you know? OOTDs, cafe recommendations, product reviews, useless tutorials etc. Not to mention, tons of ads plugged in their posts as well. Your blog is much more refreshing than the new bloggers out there. Please update more often!

  7. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Happy for you sophie :)

  8. Hi Sophie! This post really struck a chord with me. Not because I'm famous or anything 😂 but it's frightening how social media and technology seems to be all that matters now. It's very bittersweet.

    Also, you and Shaun look adorable together! 😊

  9. Hey, I can't agree with you!! Please keep blogging!!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  10. Yap indeed!
    I do love the fact that you wrote this =D
    I hope to find someone just like you did.

  11. Missed you Sophie. Not trying to be creepy, but I really enjoyed your blog. Even though you might think it's nothing much. It's hard to find anything inspiring to read online these days, not with the ads about the latest mascara, or eyebrow embroidery plastered all over. You were always one of the those who had more substance, and who dared o tackle issues in your posts. Please don't stop!

  12. I've been following your blog since 2009-2010. So happy for you! :) and please keep on blogging!

  13. Anonymous12:35 AM

    the two of you look really cute together!