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Thursday, July 28, 2016
I was in Seoul for just one day this month so I took the opportunity to arrange a mini-shoot session with a photographer from WanderZoom! I actually think this is a really great idea. How WanderZoom works is to help match you up with photographers located in the city you're visiting! Kinda like any generic hotel booking website.

I can't honestly say that if I weren't an "influencer" (whatever that means) I'd want to hire a photographer for holidays. I mean, it seems kinda excessive. But for a wedding shoot, a family portrait, special occasion... why not? It costs a lot to fly a Singaporean photographer overseas with you so instead you can work with a local one. I'd definitely be glad for this additional option when my time comes.

  It's actually my first time working with a photographer for my blog.  

No, really. I think it's pretty obvious that I've been quite out of the blogging/influencer scene for a while now due to my current job. During these 3 years things have changed so much & yeah, now we're apparently called Influencers? Creatives? Content Creators? - basically an ambiguous term for a group of people who are neither writers, photographers nor graphic artists. I've seen people comment that this new Influencer generation basically consists of talentless people who are just photogenic.

I can't honestly say I disagree. It of course doesn't apply to everyone. There are still many influencers who have many talents & create great original content. Then we have the other spectrum - the ones that are just famous for... what exactly? I'm not sure. Looking good in pictures & having a great team behind them?

As I was saying, I've been out of the blogging scene but of course I never totally exited from it.
Which means that I still continue to get the usual emails with advertising/sponsorship queries, event invites... but they now say... "will you & your photographer be joining us?"

And I'm like whutttttt....
When did this become a thing?

It's almost like a prerequisite now. I remember a hotel not-so-subtly replying me that it should be a photographer & not a +1 (be it your friend/partner). I mean excuse me?

But anyway, I digress.

Pictures were taken at Namsan Park & Namdaemun Market!

These are the 2 pictures that I uploaded to Instagram before doing this blogpost:

My friends commented that I had edited myself into oblivion.
It's true, I may have overdone it but I couldn't figure out a way to lessen the editing without it looking ugly HAHA. It ended up looking wayyyy too fake-doll-like but... oh well. And the photographer had already done a round of editing before sending me the pictures so I had to work with his prior edits. Result? Too many chefs spoil the brew or something like that.

By the way, completely edited on iPhone. It's so much easier with apps these days compared to Photoshop! I honestly prefer using editing apps to make those tweaks.

And. The overall likes/response for this photo above - in which I'm apparently unrecognisable - is higher & more favourable than normal. Uhhhh what you saying guys? LOL.