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Atlas of Mirrors

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Testing out a new size of images on my blog.
They're so massive so I'm not sure how I feel about this...

Anyhow I managed to catch the very last day of the Singapore Biennale at the Singapore Art Museum! This year the mirror installation has gone pretty viral & it's basically all over Instagram.

The great part was that since it was the last weekend of the installation - ENTRY WAS TOTALLY FREE! Normal price is $15 I believe. The bad part is that it was pretty damn crowded. Because it was a 1) Sunday & 2) Free. And I'd have to say it was lucky that it was free because in the end the
"Atlas of Mirros" consisted of essentially... 2 mirror exhibits?

One is the mirror staircase you see below (plus all over Instagram) & the other is in a room which had a massive queue of people waiting to enter it. So... no-go.

I went with 2 of my colleagues from work - Yanti & Julian.
I haven't talked much anywhere about my new job & my new office, but I've been enjoying it so far! My office culture is great, my colleagues are fun & the work itself... still engaging.

It's been almost 5 months in this new path & so far so good :)
Will talk about my work proper again some other time!

Somehow I feel like this picture is such an accurate depiction of our friendship:

Because Yanti told him he'd look prettier from the back LOL #nasty

So part of the reason why I asked Yanti out that day to the Singapore Art Museum was to engineer a surprise birthday gathering! The original plan was that she'd have dinner with her husband & we'd appear magically, but unfortunately her husband got stuck overseas so we needed a reason to get her out of the house without telling her that we'd all be there.

And I instructed the rest where to appear but as we walked around I kept spotting them! *eyeroll*
Thanks to my sharp eyes I managed to divert Yanti away each time. I generally jsut gave the excuse that I wanted more pictures at the mirror wall... Blogger life camwhore expectations.


And the pictures that made it to Instagram...

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So that's it for a little weekend update from me!