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Tangs Island Cafe

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Met up with Sherry & Rachel some time back to check out the Island Cafe at Tangs!
The last time I went up Tangs, I was a little girl & it used to be quite an ordinary restaurant.
I'm loving the new beach-resort feel!

Anyhow, Sherry & Rachel are my friends from St Margaret's, meaning I've known them since I was in Secondary 3... way back in 2005! Good lord, that's over a decade ago. Way to feel old wtf.

I actually really like the modern resort feel & it's something I'd consider for my own home, especially the living area. Think I'd go for modern/industrial with lots of greenery! That's the idea, but I actually have no green thumbs whatsoever hahahaha #fakeplants.

I had some form of Ayam Penyet or something, which was not bad. But like most locals I think it feels odd to pay $20ish for a local dish that I can get in more "authentic" settings at maybe $4.

And these pictures below were all taken by Rachel's iPhone 7 Plus.
The detail was amazing! It's pretty much what got me seriously interested in the 7 Plus when I was previously quite content with my iPhone 6S. But ironically ever since getting the iPhone 7 Plus, guess what? I HAVE NOT USED THE PORTRAIT MODE A SINGLE TIME.


P.S. Yes you need to use the "Portrait" mode to get the front-sharp-back-blurred effect as below:

For a handphone this is pretty damn impressive.
I come from the eras of the original handphones which WERE NOT IN COLOUR.
Then we got colour. Then we got a camera. Then we got a front camera. And the rest is history.

Of course these still can't rival proper DSLRs or even semi-pros, but for a nifty gadget it's not bad.
Anyone who owns a DSLR can tell you how bloody cumbersome it is to lug it around.

In addition.

I have somehow misplaced the charging cable.

Well done to myself...