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TK TrichoKare Award-Winning Hair & Scalp Treatment

Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Not too long ago I had the chance to pop by TK TrichoKare - an award-winning hair & scalp care centre. Now as someone with very long hair, I often get asked how I maintain it, whether I intend to cut it & so on so forth. And well, no I do not intend to cut my hair. It is now down to the top of my butt & I am planning to grow it beyond that! Naturally keeping my hair healthy is pretty important to me & I think it's often forgotten that luscious hair stems from a healthy scalp.

So when TrichoKare invited me to experience their new Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, I was definitely down for it! I was glad to know that the treatment is customised based on my hair & scalp condition. This treatment focuses on fighting the 5 main signs of ageing hair:

Thinning Hair // Grey Hair // Dryness
Brittleness // Lacklustre Hair

Thankfully they have 5 outlets conveniently located near MRT stations all around Singapore & I headed to the one at Novena!
You can find them at:

Compass One // Nex // Orchard Gateway // Clementi Mall // Velocity @ Novena

So frankly I'm sure we've all heard of TrichoKare in some form or another but did you know that they've won numerous awards? They have a great track record in proving how effective TrichoKare can be when it comes to preventing hair fall & hair loss, as well as promoting healthy hair growth.

Their team of certified Trichologists continuously innovate to create new & improved treatments incorporating premium European herbs to promote hair growth.

Getting my scalp scanned!
I was quite excited for this because y'know... wanna see how my scalp compares #competitive

Getting the hair follicle growth cycle explained to me!

And at first I thought those light-coloured hairs were a defect - like the start of a grey/white hair, but the therapist told me that's just my natural colour. I sometimes forget I have non-Asian blood haha. I mean my hair colour pretty much looks like everyone else's!

So that's what a scan of your scalp will look like at the beginning. Essentially everyone's scalp tends to be ageing at a faster rate because of our lifestyles, stress level, environmental factors, lack of care... etc etc. So some people's scalp age can be more than 5 years older than their actual age! Thankfully mine was...

1 year older

I'm currently 27 years old & my scalp was deemed to be 28 years old.

The Trichologist pointed out certain problem areas - I have a slightly sensitive scalp as well as dry flakes & oil clogging up my pores, which will affect hair growth. So it was definitely time to cleanse my scalp!

First up - Scalp Purification Masque

This detoxifying mask was customised based on my scalp condition! It helps to deeply cleanse the hair & scalp by removing impurities & excess sebum. At the same time, it also regulates & soothes the scalp to reduce redness. The entire masking takes up to 20 minutes to allow my scalp to detox & absorb the nutrients.

Deep Cleansing Herbal Wash

What's a visit for hair treatment without an awesome hair wash right? This herbal wash helps to remove all the grime & dead skin cells, as well as regulate the pH balance of the scalp to allow new hair to grow unimpeded.

Next up was the Oxyjet Technology - a new innovation that uses air pressure jets which are an infusion of 98% pure oxygen & nutrients to "shoot" deep into the layers of your scalp.

The active ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the scalp without needles, which means it is gentle & safe! It helps to improve blood circulation & encourage the production of collagen, which in turn improves hair growth & control hair fall.

This treatment actually felt really comfortable because you experience a cooling sensation on your scalp!

Infrared Therapy - last but not least, this step promotes intensive regeneration & encourages cell renewal to stimulate hair growth, all while soothing your scalp.

After the 2-hour long pampering treatment, we took a look at my scalp again & the comparison definitely speaks for itself!

In the Before image you can spot oil clogs & sebum build-up, but these are gone in the After scan – where my scalp is visibly cleaner & clearer! This is definitely something quite difficult to achieve at home. Overwashing or washing too vigorously could aggravate the oil glands & damage your scalp further, so nothing beats a good detox & cleansing session with TrichoKare. Definitely satisfied with the results!

We invest in many things - our skin, nails etc, but often forget about our scalp, which needs a little TLC as well! And with TrichoKare's generous promotion, there's no better time:

Get the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment at just S$40 nett, inclusive of a HairGRO Ampoule + Hair Care Kit (U.P. S$758)!

You'll get to go through the same treatment I did above & see the difference for yourself! Here are the benefits you'll be able to look forward to:

Scalp Detox // Strengthen Hair Roots // Increase Hair Density
Restore Lustre // Moisturise & Soften Hair // Reverse Grey Hair

Click below to find out more & start your own haircare & scalp journey!

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