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I once used to be incredibly active on the now-defunct Formspring (a platform where people can leave questions anonymously), having answered a whopping 23,097 questions, so here are some of the repeated ones I've seen over time.

What camera do you use?
Well I've used a large variety over the time that this blog has been around, but currently usually my Canon 700D. Instagram pictures are often taken with (whichever version) my iPhone!

How do I pronounce your surname?
We-lock. Exactly like Wheelock Place, but unfortunately not the same spelling or I might be an heir.

How do you edit your pictures?
Blog ones are edited with Photoshop.
Instagram ones are usually edited with Afterlight, MTXX, VSCOCam, Diptic & Squaready.

What's your height & weight? How do you maintain your weight?
I'm 172cm & 54kg. I've kind of fluctuated between 48kg right up till... 58kg O.O I don't diet nor exercise because well, I suck at it & it's incredibly boring, so when I start to feel I'm gaining too much weight I simply try to reduce my appetite & not be so damned greedy!

How do I lose weight?
Don't eat.
Kidding (almost). No seriously, the answer to this is self-evident. Proper diet & exercise, the mechanics of which you can find online yourself. You asking me hoping for short-cut methods (trust me, if I knew I'd be humble-bragging my currently non-existent abs all over Instagram) is probably a testament as to why you're in this predicament to begin with. Aka, don't be lazy.

What are you working as?
SECRET ^.^ Yes, I do have a full-time job that isn't particularly unusual nor suspicious in any way... I simply refrain from alluding to it (online, at least) due to company policy as well as to keep my work life separate.

Why did you pick Sociology? What can I work as if I major in Sociology too?
I never had a particular interest nor "calling" towards it; it actually involved a simple elimination process of all the majors I had previously considered but ended up feeling unsuited for. However it turns out I really enjoyed studying Sociology & learnt a lot.
As for careers, it falls under a Bachelor of Social Sciences which gives you access to a pretty broad range of job scopes such as PR, Marketing, HR & so on. I personally did an internship in Digital Marketing.

How many relationships have you been in?
Can I leave this open-ended in case I don't update this page for ages? HAHA. Let me just say that my first relationship was at 19 years old (which lasted a year) & my longest relationship thus far lasted 2.5 years.

How did you study for exams? Any study tips?
Is there really a "how" to this? I never drew up study schedules for myself because 1) I'm not that self-disciplined & 2) they're depressing. My study method usually involves extracting certain key points & writing those out to review later e.g. I condense one topic unto one piece of paper. It's not called a summary if yours ends up being pages & pages long...

Why don't you blog full-time?
While I enjoy blogging, I don't really know what's the future of it. The blogosphere has changed so much in such a short span of time; for it to even have become viable as a career is pretty amazing. Yet at the same time I think the popularity of the written word has dwindled considerably & the shortened attention spans are shifting towards bite-size content such as Instagram & Facebook.

Ok I can't think of anymore at the moment since majority of the other FAQs tend to revolve around things like... "My crush did this this this & that, does he like me? How do you tell?" to which my standard reply is... if you have to wonder, he probably doesn't.

In any case I did/do maintain an (another version of Formspring) which you can find here:
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