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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Amath revision class, 4hours of Amath straigth, HEAVENLY. I was drowning by the third hour.

Eh why I look so short here

Sherry says this makes my boobs look bigger!

Sherry came over to visit SP and spent all her time shrieking at him and NOT CLEARING HER PLATE.

Did this thingy for Vivocity, the new Tangs shopping centre at Harbourfront. I was quite lazy but the rate's quite good so okay lohz.

Eh they leave accessories lying around!

Wah another version of the bust-enhacing belt.

Hahaha check out my RED RED RIBBON. I never thought I'd have to say this, but I was like the shortest there!
1. Sophie and another girl are already the shortest
2. Sophie has shorter heels, the heels she was supposed to wear was taken by another girl
Aye the picture quite blur, it's a scan of the actual picture.

Sophie gets fetched home at the end

HAHAHA he did this by himself okay!

Omg I can so see you cruising in a Lamborghini baby hahaha.

Jane and I were being damn emo girls during Geog faced with our marks, we completely wrecked her scoresheet thingy (the one on top of the answers) and drew sad smileys everywhere.

I was so relieved to get my Emath marks, Paper1 had been pretty dismal! GRRR Amath is the pits, I still did badly.
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