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Thursday, December 07, 2006
I'm in FRANCE!!

Addie was supposed to help me blog my departure but the smart girl forgot my username.

Watched Step Up, YouMeandDupree and Pirates of the Caribbean2 on the plane! (Eh saved $9.50 movie ticket on Step Up..)

Met Sonia in Paris, had giant salads and er shopped for lingerie.

Just reached my dad's house in the south, temperature's about 11-18°C .

This was ages ago, Rachel FINALLY uploaded it

Photos from sentosa:

Phtos with Rachel on friday!

Rachel: "Mango's mascot. "

Eh can see my fats

Predator(Sophie) and unsuspecting prey(Rachel)

I'm s-s-smoking (a fork)

Don't mess, McCafe Oreo Cheesecake!

Sophie's outing to Auchan:

The cashier!

Haha I'm fairly sure he heard the shutter sound of the camera.
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