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Monday, January 29, 2007
I'm sleepy and irked, my fringe is ugly and I just want to sit in school at night and sing songs and get piggybacks.
Saturday, January 27, 2007
Paris with Sonia!

Eh FRENCH pigeons!

See it's not THAT cold, I'm wearing jeans rolled up!

HAHAHAHA check out Joshua! And er it couldn't be washed off hahahaha.

Kimberly relayed this convo she had with Joshua to me:

Joshua: Do you have any brothers?
Kimberly: No
Joshua: Then any sisters?
Kimberly: Nope
Joshua: So are you an only child?

#%^(*@! cross country soon, someone come walk with me!
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
addiephant. says:
then he was saying a lot of people think youre stuck up
addiephant. says:
and i heard his friend in the background
addiephant. says:
like "she thinks shes newface then so snobby" or something

sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:
wtf ):
addiephant. says:
then i said but youre very friendly, and ****** was like "maybe only to her friends"
addiephant. says:
then i was like DUH, of course only to friends right

sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:
huh okay, how to not appear stuck up?
sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:
I mean like, it's not as if I do something in particular to look stuck up what!
addiephant. says:
yar thats what i told ****** too
addiephant. says:
maybe like the way you present yourself?
sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:
kim and cheryl go around telling everyone I'm npnf you know
sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:
but it's like not my fault they do that!
addiephant. says:
you know they shouldnt
addiephant. says:
it makes it appear like youre showing off
sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:

I'll ask them tomorrow to stop it

addiephant. says:
aiya but it like just sticks what
addiephant. says:
when I mention about you to **** **** they all last time, then they'll ask whos she
addiephant. says:
then i'll say "err that girl who won new face?"
addiephant. says:
its like thats what people know you as what

sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:
but you know for example kimberly VOLUNTEERS the information???
sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:
like some j2s came to ask us to do survey and she'll be like "do you know she's new paper new face?"
addiephant. says:
wtf no wonder the j2s hate you lah
addiephant. says:
sophie; it's a little unorthodox says:

Aiyah I'm feeling quite unhappy now okay bye bye
Sunday, January 14, 2007
Finally went down to SMSS with Cheryl last week to collect some package for me.

Haha well what's in the package? A Parker pen and a postcard from someone who says he didn't know how to approach me and so left it at the school.

I didn't even know Parker pens are expensive haha.

Cheryl: It was created by some guy named Parker
Sophie: So pilot created by someone named Pilot ah
(I was kidding okay, I am not THAT stupid)

Went for cheerleading practice with Kimberly and Cheryl. Hahahaha yes I'm now a cheerleader! Kimberly and I weren't sure if we would join but it was very fun so we're gonna stay in it!

Stolen off Nellie's blog. I see a stark resemblance between myself and a giraffe.


Bathed etc then Cheryl and I went down to her church, then met the rest of the OG for STEAMBOAT!

Cheryl: Let's have some STEAM and some BOAT!
Donson: You're going to be very smelly at DXO later. No one will dance near you.

Hahahah Donson drank some water, choked and SPAT out the water over the table !

Cheryl was damn gross, she was looking for a LONG noodle with her HANDS and so she'd put back the short ones unto the plate?! Wtf only I was still willing to eat the noodles after that. (sorLey I refused to cook anything what)


DXO was pretty screwed up. Jesslyn, Elaine and Camille couldn't get in because it was already at maximum capacity?

Eventually they got in and we really only started dancing at 2+am.

Some VERY RETARDED guy kept trying to dance with me, even when Phebe+Jesslyn+Camille were all around me he kept coming?!

He'd stick his hand in between them to touch my hair or face?! Wtf I was flinging his hand away and finally our new friends (guys) made another barrier and spoke to him.


I'm so tired, cheer practice was strenuous! I can't sneeze or lift my arm without my muscles aching.
Tuesday, January 09, 2007
In 5days at SAJC, I fell down twice? Hello bruises and Sophie the Klutz.

Classes are messy, we had no class today for like four hours straight? Hello Uno card games (JC life very fun what hahahaha).

Fifty over J1 guys got sent home for inappropriate attire today, I'm sure girls will be checked tomorrow or something. (Cheryl you die)

Haha Cheryl's in KI, so we like to listen to KI horror stories:
"Is a chair a chair if one does not know what a chair is?"

I do not even want to start thinking about that. Okay bye bye I need to go soothe my sore bum.
Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cheryl, Kimberly, Elaine on top and SOPHIEEE.

We're the bimbotic four of our OG (yes including Cheryl Woo) please hahaha.

"College at ease", instead of "SCHOOL at ease"!

Day 2

The program was a choice between Chapel or Games so Cheryl and I chose the obvious- neither.
We walked around school, had to forgo the ice blended I had just ordered because the deputy principal happened to come strolling along.

Day 3
Last night's SAJC so-called DISCO NIGHT was a complete fiasco. They played Christian songs. When Cheryl and I gave up and left the hall, strains of "Amazing Grace" followed us.

Finally they played "Sexyback" and we were all like OMG FINALLY, then BAM lights on disco night is over.

Went for supper and all of us missed last bus/train home, hello cabfare and midnight surcharge.
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
And this morning I trotted off to SAJC, looking hideous because I'm still having jet lag and couldn't sleep. (hello eyebags)

Haha SAJC indulges in shameless self-promotion, I have a nice OG and a nice group of friends, thank goodness there's Cheryl Woo with me at least!

Orientation activities leave you sweaty and smelly.

XX (briefing): Poke the person next to you, it's time to wake up!
*Cheryl proceeds to poke me*
Cheryl: We're playing poker!
Sophie: HUH?!!
Cheryl: See? Poke-r *demonstrates poking*

Kimberly: "I'm a Knowledge Inquiry(KI) person , I like to enquire about my knowledge."

HAHAHAHA wtf right? Sheesh I'm getting vulgar.

Addie: How are the boys like in SAJC?
Sophie: Mostly a myriad of sprouting beards and squeaky voices.

Haha I think I really shouldn't be criticising my new schoolmates, however it seems that's the first question everyone asks when going to JC, and the situation doesn't seem great elsewhere-

Addie: My cohort don't have cute guys

Phebe; You look better from behind. says:
The guys in Pioneer are like.... and my ogl leader was not bad (the best one already)

You gotta love Photoshop, because I can do this to Sonia:

[/edit] Sonia is the erm "fatter" version as Camille enquired haha.
Monday, January 01, 2007
I'm back to my Sunny Singapore where I don't need to fear my bum suffers from extreme frostbite.

Omg I got my hair cut, it was SUPPOSED to be only by two inches but he cut so much!!! My hair was orginally like touching my bum, now it's barely halfway down my back. )))))))))))):

Never never ever go to the Esplanade on New Year's Eve.

1. It was so packed Addie and I couldn't join the others and we ended up doing our countdown alone standing on the edge of a potted plant??

Fireworks were nice though.

2. You CANNOT get a cab. Taxis companies politely tell you there is no way on their deathbed can they deploy any taxis to your area.

You learn this the hard way when you see three girls walking alone on the road (Addie, Phebe and I) all the way from the Esplanade to Keppel Road, which are like the PSA ports and all that??

We finally got a cab and went to the pub to meet Rachel Ng, Jesslyn and Camille. Erm hahaha we have agreed we shall not mention what went on there (cheekopeks, Rachel and Camille ahhh).

Didn't get to see the stupid sunrise once again due to the APPALLING LACK OF CABS.

We had breakfast and then trudged home at nine am.