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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
And this morning I trotted off to SAJC, looking hideous because I'm still having jet lag and couldn't sleep. (hello eyebags)

Haha SAJC indulges in shameless self-promotion, I have a nice OG and a nice group of friends, thank goodness there's Cheryl Woo with me at least!

Orientation activities leave you sweaty and smelly.

XX (briefing): Poke the person next to you, it's time to wake up!
*Cheryl proceeds to poke me*
Cheryl: We're playing poker!
Sophie: HUH?!!
Cheryl: See? Poke-r *demonstrates poking*

Kimberly: "I'm a Knowledge Inquiry(KI) person , I like to enquire about my knowledge."

HAHAHAHA wtf right? Sheesh I'm getting vulgar.

Addie: How are the boys like in SAJC?
Sophie: Mostly a myriad of sprouting beards and squeaky voices.

Haha I think I really shouldn't be criticising my new schoolmates, however it seems that's the first question everyone asks when going to JC, and the situation doesn't seem great elsewhere-

Addie: My cohort don't have cute guys

Phebe; You look better from behind. says:
The guys in Pioneer are like.... and my ogl leader was not bad (the best one already)

You gotta love Photoshop, because I can do this to Sonia:

[/edit] Sonia is the erm "fatter" version as Camille enquired haha.
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