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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cheryl, Kimberly, Elaine on top and SOPHIEEE.

We're the bimbotic four of our OG (yes including Cheryl Woo) please hahaha.

"College at ease", instead of "SCHOOL at ease"!

Day 2

The program was a choice between Chapel or Games so Cheryl and I chose the obvious- neither.
We walked around school, had to forgo the ice blended I had just ordered because the deputy principal happened to come strolling along.

Day 3
Last night's SAJC so-called DISCO NIGHT was a complete fiasco. They played Christian songs. When Cheryl and I gave up and left the hall, strains of "Amazing Grace" followed us.

Finally they played "Sexyback" and we were all like OMG FINALLY, then BAM lights on disco night is over.

Went for supper and all of us missed last bus/train home, hello cabfare and midnight surcharge.
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