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Monday, January 01, 2007
I'm back to my Sunny Singapore where I don't need to fear my bum suffers from extreme frostbite.

Omg I got my hair cut, it was SUPPOSED to be only by two inches but he cut so much!!! My hair was orginally like touching my bum, now it's barely halfway down my back. )))))))))))):

Never never ever go to the Esplanade on New Year's Eve.

1. It was so packed Addie and I couldn't join the others and we ended up doing our countdown alone standing on the edge of a potted plant??

Fireworks were nice though.

2. You CANNOT get a cab. Taxis companies politely tell you there is no way on their deathbed can they deploy any taxis to your area.

You learn this the hard way when you see three girls walking alone on the road (Addie, Phebe and I) all the way from the Esplanade to Keppel Road, which are like the PSA ports and all that??

We finally got a cab and went to the pub to meet Rachel Ng, Jesslyn and Camille. Erm hahaha we have agreed we shall not mention what went on there (cheekopeks, Rachel and Camille ahhh).

Didn't get to see the stupid sunrise once again due to the APPALLING LACK OF CABS.

We had breakfast and then trudged home at nine am.
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