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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Took off the pictures of Cheryl's and mine's fake kissing because some people saw it and didn't notice the word "fake" and now think I'm a lesbian hahahaha.

Added two photos from CNY celebration in town, I really need to get a new camera.

CNY celebration in school

Town with Gen, Jesslyn, Angel and Cheryl. Cried watching Just Follow Law (Gen and Jesslyn are heartless)

Met Camille, Addie and Phebe for dinner! Roses and strange photos, heart-wrenching separations (er..).

Addie starring in "A bug's life"

Addie insisted we take a picture with the roses she gave us.


We headed down to AngMoKio library ( :O don't mess with the heartlands haha)

Haha Cheryl really looks like an ahbeng here!

Reunion dinner blah blah.

CNY visiting

Ooo a mysterious someone gave me $50 in red packet!

Lost considerable amounts of money at Blackjack and Mahjong ):

Went for a late night movie (Hannibal Rising, don't bother, it's more gruesome than scary). Met Addie and bunch for pool where Addie and I were adamant about not joining in due to extreme lack of skills haha.

Sheesha and 24-hr Macdonald deliveries. I'll stick to my McNuggets; and least I can open my packet of curry sauce without extreme difficulty!

Woken up this morning at unearthly hour of 10.30am for impromptu visiting, 5hrs sleep does NOT help my eyebags.

Sigh CivicsTutor says she is going to call Mother tomorrow about my latecoming.
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