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Saturday, February 03, 2007
Wooo SA cross-country is nice because it was so slack. We didn't even sweat! We walked the whole way (50mins) and they don't force you to do cheers!

Genevieve, Angel, Jesslyn (crasher who ran and came in 23rd?!), Jane, Cheryl and I went cycling/rollerblading afte that! (stifle that gasp, I'm not THAT unsporty)

Gen and I cycled but eventually had to change to rollerblading because we are nice and Angel/Jesslyn suck. Hahaha they fell pretty badly and Jesslyn sprained her ankle.


Cheer practice!

(At NTU in BOON LAY *$#^%@&)

After cheer:

Because we are kaWaiixxzzxzxzx

Die already, no one's going to believe that I'm not an aHliiaN

Town with Addie, Phebe and Camille.

"Camille was late.
Addie was later.
Sophie was the latest! She met us at 4+/5
!" - Phebe's blog

Eh I looked damn unglam okay, came from cheer practice!

Sophie is very strong okay

(Because Camille also thinks she's very strong)

Because they are too short to be seen.

Addie and Phebe fiddling with my mirror.

Our turn haha.

Goodnight, my eyebags very bad already (as Phebe didn't fail to mention today).
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