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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Went to a flea market with Addie and Christina, we got bored and pretended to set up our own stall selling our various items ie- tissue packet, mirror etc haha.

Gas Haus to watch Frances and her band, haha Addie kept telling her that with the money paid for the ticket in we could have gone for a manicure. (we vain lah sorry)

Wah we spent the whole day in the Bugis area 0: down to Haji Lane pretty late at night where nothing except sheesha was open but we didn't bother. So we ended up eating AGAIN and reading magazines in some little cafe.



I got bored lah okay

Went down to town for dinner!

Phebe and I at Fish&Co

Sherry and I

McDonald's Oreo Cheesecake is really yummy

(DISCLAIMER: The following photos are of us PRETENDING to be ahlians haha beware)

We're doing that 1-10 series thing, haha we may or may not have gotten all the poses correct.

Check out Sherry's eyes please haha.

HAHA Sherry likes to say that I really nailed this shot

STILL PRETENDING OKAY, I wasn't talking to anyone on the phone haha and I DO NOT SIT LIKE THAT

Haha DIY neoprints, wah I look like shit, SEE SHERRY, it proves I'm not cut out to be aHliiiAnxZzxzzx okay!!


Posting results out! Haha YAY most of us staying in SA!

Two years of changing bus to get home, STUPID CIRCLE LINE WHEN WILL YOU BE COMPLETED!!! #@$*!%"#

Groan French classes for another two years, we had a test today:
An argumentative essay- Doctors should not treat smokers and drug addicts, do you agree?

Argumentative in FRENCH okay, die haha.
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