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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Watched the Gala Premiere of Mr Bean! The show is pretty dumb, don't waste your money. But me is get free so never mind haha.

Paul: "I always wondered, how is it like to have boobs?"
Sophie: "HUH, I don't know!! They're just.. there"

Check out the ticket so cool right!

Sophie, Joakim, MRBEAN, Paul and his friend Elias.


No it's not mine (birthday's 25th July :D ), it's a SINGING balloon okay! You press it and it sings Happy Birthday!!

Haha Jesse thinks he very kaWaii

Can you see how much I have to bend down?

Our favourite drink, TEHPING (I think that's how it's spelt) (((:

Haha Sophie can gangster anotzz

Haha none of us know how to tie our ties, she does it for us.

We are cool kids; we blow bubbles.

And we're mega unglam in school haha. (that's a sticker on our collars)


To show how sloppily Cheryl was dressed. She went to PAINT A HOUSE before meeting me please.

KawAii worxXz

In the changing room!

We got bored and tried on some random tshirts.

Haha we took this to show how much taller than Cheryl I can be with heels!

Can you tell that she likes yellow?

I don't know why we did this.

Cheryl says I like to take pictures of reflections.

Haha we look super cheery! (((((((((((:

Byebye Cheryl, watched Pathfinder at night and randomly walked around Esplanade (:
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