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Sunday, May 13, 2007
Haha during Moral Educations (cos we have no Moralzxzxz), the teacher asked if we would like to change our character, raise your hand.

And I didn't while I bet everyone else did.

Haha not that I'm egoistic and think I'm perfect! But I think that you can't CHANGE your character without changing yourself as well.
It should be IMPROVE your character, if you changed your character, which is what defines you, you wouldn't be you anymore!

Got lost in the HeaRtlAnDs of Bishan the other day hahahaha. 13 broke down so I just hopped on the next random bus, we were ONE STOP AWAY only.

BUT the bus turned just before my stop and into the depths of Bishan, and I had to walk all the way back to Junction8, by which by then I decided I was too lazy to go for French class.

Friday 11thMay

Addie booked one of the rooms above the sheesha place in HajiLane. Haha she screened a movie and there was tons of spaghetti to eat. ( I would know, I had 3 helpings)

Because she refused to take a picture with me. So I blinded her with my flash.

We wanted to steal it!

ROMEO ROMEO, wherefore art thou Romeo!

The wind in my hair and my Harley Davidson

They need Camille to secretly hold up their hair for the "blow away" effect haha

Sorry these are my boring and unimaginative friends.

Green thumb bitches!

Went for Vaunt2 rehearsals.

During our lunch break, that advertisement at the bus stop is so cool! You can actually PRESS THE BUTTONS, it works! Like you can shuffle the songs and it PLAYS etc etc omg like GIANT PHONE.

Oh and that's Cheryl pressing the buttons, new friend haha.

OMG I found an EYEBAG BUDDY hahahahaha. (meet Daanish)

People kept saying we look a little alike, must be face shape and the EYEBAGS hahaha.

He's only 16! One year younger than me haha secondary school seems very far away.


Wedding dinner at night was very very boring.

Sophie: I'll play the traditional wedding march at my wedding, and will NOT serve fruit cake! I'll have bubbles accompany me down the carpet and not make my guests wait an hour.

Addie: I'll still make my guests wait, fashionably late.

Sophie: I'll sponsor you a CHOCOLATE wedding cake to spite you then, and tell you it's a surprise. (Addie hates chocolate)

Addie: I'll give you a front table seat but that has a pillar blocking your view.

Sophie: I'll tell guests I'm collecting angbaos on your behalf and keep them for myself!

Addie: Then I'll tell everyone to stay away from you cos you were once a man!

Sophie: I'll tell your FIANCE that you were once a man!!

I got bored and started planning a wedding/birthday party (25th July!):

I want a garden party, where everyone can wear summer HATS and summer dresses (but not the men of course haha).

There'd be those silly hedge clippings in the shape of deer, and ice sculpted into swans. I'd have a large marquee, decorated with ribbons, flowers and balloons.

BUT I'd hate it cos of the weather haha. And where to get garden!

And I want garden party mostly just so that I can wear a summer hat hahaha. Wahlao aiyah I wear to Orchard Road lah.
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