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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Bio on Monday...
I only realised that I had totally forgotten the existence of one chapter and hence did not study it. A [14m] question came out on it, it was left utterly BLANK.
Darn you bacterium!

Also, we all did not have time to even finish the MCQ, and instead hurriedly shaded the stupid boxes without even reading the questions.

Chemistry today...
Haha erm... no comment.

Left Math on Friday!

Hahaha watch it watch it! I think it is very fascinating.
Sunday, June 24, 2007
Met Valentina!

HAHA I look so positively delighted to see him.

Pastamania cheap+tasteless. But primarily cheap :DDD


She calls herself HandZome

Haha wtf there's a grey square over my face cos of shadow

No, I am not totally devoted to Valentina or something, thank you.

Cos I think my nails are cooler.

Dominique and Rachel, feat. my ipod! EH EH EH guess how old Dominique is!! Looks maybe 19 right? He's 16!!!

Sports School track&field okay, don't messsss, although from what he tells me, going Sports School is totally no life lah haha, all day long train okay.


Haha I also dunno.

Met Sherry and her beloved Pika!

Went for Mango Sales which was so damn crowded, and they put our bags in these big plastic thingys to ensure we don't steal haha.

Pika was DAMN NICE okay, he just kept queueing for the changing rooms while we rummaged through the clothes, and if he got to the front of the line before we were ready, he'd just go to the back and queue again??

Omg he like that did a few times okay, so nice right! But ahem I bet he totally wouldn't do it if Sherry's not his girlfriend hahaha.

Sherry, Sophie and Pika

Our ugly bags-in-plastic-bags, and I don't know why we were all dressed in grey.

Stolen off Sherry's blog:

"I LOVE shopping with Sophie.

Quotes of the day from Sophie Estelle Willocq [SEW]:

[1] Wah omg, this top is like $33, this is a SALE, the stuff is supposed to be less than $20!

[2] This top is so not worth it, cause I'd have to wear something INSIDE to wear it. Not worth the price.

And etc etc etc. I was literally cracking up when she said all these. HOWEVER, she doesn't practise what she preaches. She exceeded her budget for the both tops that she bought. HAHAHAHA, so much for being practical."

Haha yah loh in the end I bought two tops that were $33 and $29...

Went to Lido to study after that, where we took a long time dropping LOUD hints that people who weren't eating should not hog a table and being totally enthralled that Pika can actually finish a foot-long Subway sandwich.

Pika: Huh you all don't eat 1-foot one meh?
Sherry+Sophie: NO?!


Omg exams starting ))))))): I have GP and Biology tomorrow!

From this month's Seventeen-

" I was at a store and a weird-looking girl commented on a dress I was admiring. I told her it would look great on her. Then she glared at me and said: I'm a guy. I was going to buy this for my girlfriend."

HAHAHAHA I think is very amusing.
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Wednesday and Thursday I slept at 6am?! Because I'd start studying around 4 am.

Which means the following day I was too tired to go for cca haha ermzz..

Met Kimberly and Cheryl for Chemistry Studying Session! Crepes place at Cine basement once again, yum yum.

Cheryl: "I'm gonna catch you in the act of not studying!"

Sophie and Kimberly: "Yah I can see you're so totally studying

Haha cos I was carrying eyeliner in my bag.

Studying Session was succesful only to the extent that we tried answering each other's questions but didn't study much individually.

Hahahaha we spend tons of time shifting from table to table till I had finally deemed a table worthy of us.


Met Addie after that where trotting off to McDonalds to buy hers and my food, I PROMISED MYSELF- BUY ONLY A DRINK

So armed with great determination (I is strong-willed okay) I stepped up to the counter:
Sophie: "One McNuggets student meal please"

HAHA oh well, what greed does to you...

I think I would get married so that I have someone to look forward to seeing each day. Last night (or rather around 6am this morning) I suddenly realised, what am I looking forward to to tomorrow? What am I waking up for? Who will I get to see?

I got up at 3pm and had only one meal I AM HUNGRY.
Monday, June 18, 2007
My weekend with RachelNg!

Met RachelNg and Belinda at Clarke Quay. Haha first we went into this weird MEGA CHEENA bar called IRumours because Belinda's friend was performing.

They had very additive free chips that we constantly asked to be refilled, haha and we were forced to order a drink each cos "chips not fLee you know". But it turned out to be HappyHour so Rachel and I got 2 drinks each haha and Belinda was nice nice nice she paid for our drinks (:

Belinda left and we went to Attica.


Attica was still pretty empty cos it was early (11.30pm) so we headed to ChinaOne instead.

Haha it's like a damn cool bar where there's this pretty good band and tons of spontaneous Angmohs and everyone just dances. So we'd have a middle-aged Angmoh woman dragging us out unto the dancefloor and screaming inaudible things into our ears.

Ordered shots and somehow got double, haha cos one we ordered from the bar itself and the other from the waiters walking around so somehow they only collected payment once oh well (:

Back to Attica which was really packed with mostly Angmohs. We danced with some mega tall German ones that totally kept shouting things over our heads to each other. They were so tall, like the guy's belt was at my navel?? I am 172/174cm okay!

McDonalds after Attica closed, haha they had started serving breakfast already and I was frantically pointing over the counter:
"THERE THERE got one more MacChicken (I realise I don't know how to spell that) left !!"

I don't like McDonald/Burger King/KFC/etc breakfast..

Woke up very late and then spent the rest of the day reading and spying on people online (Friendster :o)

Went back to Clarke Quay AGAIN haha and erm.. back to Attica and ChinaOne again, we went into Attica first just to get the chop (free entry before midnight) then over to ChinaOne.

Ordered different shots, and then we went to the bar and said like don't know where our drinks are, ordered already ))): And the bartender totally gave us some free drinks he created I think and it tasted very nice yum yum.

There were these little cherry stickers stuck everywhere so we pluck one off haha:

The crowd at Attica that night was mega gross, there were tons of maids whom I suspect must have had sneaked out cos they were mostly gone when we went back in around 2/3am.

A guy bought us drinks and totally it assumed he's entitled to ____________ (haha fill in with whatever you want) and I literally had to run away omg.

Why noberdy want to dance with us just cos we look like we'd make nice friends meh haha.

Random angmoh who asked to be in our photo.

Haha RachelNg still cut out.

Finally RachelNg's in hahaha.

We got free cab ride home because some guy (French man!) liked RachelNg and offered to accompany us back home, who cares that he stays Holland and that the cab went by a mega long way hahaha.

So in total for 2nights Rachel and I only spent $30 each happy happy $_$
Sunday, June 17, 2007

My new nano! In the silicone case that Addie calls condom case..

And my phone that says "YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING" as its screensaver haha I swear it's damn annoying when you're watching tv or something and you glance at your phone.

Mom: This Friday I'm going to StJames
Sophie: Orh. Oh by the way my friend (RachelNg) is staying over 2 nights, Friday and Saturday. So we'll probably be doing something at night too.
Mom: Orh

Haha I think my mom totally rocks too.

Yes so RachelNg stayed over for two nights and we went out both nights and had alot of fun, new experiences (shh), new sights, new people. ((((((:

Friday night RachelNg took pictures so the lazy girl isn't home yet to send them to me.

Saturday when we took my camera instead! At ChinaOne
Thursday, June 14, 2007

Haha this is for all the somebody-s/etc, the makeup may be too different that I am not recognisable, but unfortunately yes that is me in the middle hahaha.


Kimberly's favourite pose- I am looking off into space

The pink thing is my ring and not some ding-ding-dong thing hanging off my phone thank you

See Sophie learns fast from Kimberly

Jesse Kwek makes his entrance!

Everybody loves my Minnie Mouse ears

Minnie Mouse what.

Met Kimberly and Jesse in town! Was wearing one of those biigg long skirts.

Sophie: My skirt is so huge it's taking up another seat on it's own
Kimberly: No it's your butt
Sophie: Yeah I named it Kimberly

Jesse was frightening us with stories about Common Tests:
"You all will probably end up getting sub-passes, just PASSING is like damn difficult"

Sophie: Omg you know I haven't done any Chem or Math tutorial yet?
Jesse: Yeah I was like that last year
That is totally not reassuring to hear from a retainee.

We ate at the GraaffitiCafe thingy in Heeren. Both Kimberly and I got stomachache after that, I am so not eating there again despite its attributes (cheap $2.50 noodles haha).

Inaugurated my new slippers with RachelNg, CCA, bathe etc.

Met Addie at Lido to study! We erm talked alot and ate alot, Addie bought plain porridge:
Addie: Omg my porridge is so plain ))))):


We finally moved over to Wheelock Place's Coffee Bean, and left at 11.30pm to catch last bus.