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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Haha this is for all the somebody-s/etc, the makeup may be too different that I am not recognisable, but unfortunately yes that is me in the middle hahaha.


Kimberly's favourite pose- I am looking off into space

The pink thing is my ring and not some ding-ding-dong thing hanging off my phone thank you

See Sophie learns fast from Kimberly

Jesse Kwek makes his entrance!

Everybody loves my Minnie Mouse ears

Minnie Mouse what.

Met Kimberly and Jesse in town! Was wearing one of those biigg long skirts.

Sophie: My skirt is so huge it's taking up another seat on it's own
Kimberly: No it's your butt
Sophie: Yeah I named it Kimberly

Jesse was frightening us with stories about Common Tests:
"You all will probably end up getting sub-passes, just PASSING is like damn difficult"

Sophie: Omg you know I haven't done any Chem or Math tutorial yet?
Jesse: Yeah I was like that last year
That is totally not reassuring to hear from a retainee.

We ate at the GraaffitiCafe thingy in Heeren. Both Kimberly and I got stomachache after that, I am so not eating there again despite its attributes (cheap $2.50 noodles haha).

Inaugurated my new slippers with RachelNg, CCA, bathe etc.

Met Addie at Lido to study! We erm talked alot and ate alot, Addie bought plain porridge:
Addie: Omg my porridge is so plain ))))):


We finally moved over to Wheelock Place's Coffee Bean, and left at 11.30pm to catch last bus.
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