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Sunday, June 17, 2007

My new nano! In the silicone case that Addie calls condom case..

And my phone that says "YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING" as its screensaver haha I swear it's damn annoying when you're watching tv or something and you glance at your phone.

Mom: This Friday I'm going to StJames
Sophie: Orh. Oh by the way my friend (RachelNg) is staying over 2 nights, Friday and Saturday. So we'll probably be doing something at night too.
Mom: Orh

Haha I think my mom totally rocks too.

Yes so RachelNg stayed over for two nights and we went out both nights and had alot of fun, new experiences (shh), new sights, new people. ((((((:

Friday night RachelNg took pictures so the lazy girl isn't home yet to send them to me.

Saturday when we took my camera instead! At ChinaOne
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