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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wednesday saw us gathered in the evening to celebrate Shaun and Roy's birthday!

Dinner at Fisherman's Warf (although I arrived much too late to partake):

Then off to "Rupee Room" which we discovered was a Bangra club haha.

Firefall for the birthday boys, the ends of the straws in the drink actually melted!

Grin and bear it.

Sophie: "Redhill is on the Green Line"
Addie: "No it's Red Line!!"
Sophie: "Green lah!"
Addie: "Red!"
And so on
Addie: "If it's on the Green Line, then why is it called REDhill?!!!"

.............................. By the way, it's on the Green Line lah okay.

The boys lorz, plus Addie and I sums up the birthday gaNg.

Haha we spent our time playing drinking games and eventually giving up on them because rules we created were much too difficult to carry out

"Not allowed to say drink" (everyone said CONSUME thereafter)
"Not allowed to point!"
"Not allowed to say consume!!" (die, we had to start saying "please SWALLOW")

We joined the middle-aged indian ladies on the erpz.. dancefloor, woohoo!

Left before midnight, all vowing to go to school the next day! AHEM we all did, except for Addie and Shaun...

One of the worst days in a very long time, cried for a few hours, and in public the whole time omg..

Let's just say that Cheryl Woo and I are in alot alot of trouble and broke all boundaries of crying today.

Thanks for the CHEER UP messages ((((((((((: to all who sent, really meant alot

This episode isn't even over yet.
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