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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Went National Library to find an article for my %@^&# EoM and I didn't find it in the end, not enough time ):

We went to the 11th floor which was Singapore and SouthEast Asian collections or something, the room is damn impressive!

We were looking through microfilms for past newspaper articles, the machine is so cool okay!

But a bit hard to use the machine, and we wound up often tangling the microfilms and rolling them up manually :o

Haha from 2003



The not-so-handicapped handicapped

HAHA he's menacing me witha racket cos I waved one of the crutches at his face

WAHLAO not lame what

Haha Carmen and I decided that today would be Lunchbox Day

While the rest of the J1s went off for Student Council Commendations, we went for the rhythmic gym competition!

The competition started very late and ended way over scheduled time.
It was supposed to end at 5pm, but ended at 8pm instead?!

Melissa doing rope
More videos but it takes so &$%#^$ long to upload unto Youtube, cannot be bothered already.

Mahjong at night at Pakata's house with Arthur and Irwin! Haha they came round my house in a cab to pick me up, and yes I know Pakata is a weird name, he says it's Bhuddist.

HAHA Irwin went to bathe and halfway through the tap just FELL OFF and water was gushing everywhere and the kitchen was totally flooded.

A very unhappy father was woken up to turn off the main water supply and we could hear him muttering "where is the fucking plier!"

Water mains off, meant NO WATER SUPPLY- ie NO DRINKING NO PEEING

Omg I didn't pee the whole night okay, the guys could erpz, aim into the drain and etc...........

We decided to lie low for a while and not play mahjong straight away and basically it like turned into sleepover please.

Arthur was like SNORING lah, and I stoned on the upper bunk while Pakata did whatever at his computer (a totally confusing Macintosh).

Finally mahjong! We played 2times continuous throughout the night till around 8am when we really really really needed to pee and went down to coffeeshop for breakfast.
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