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Saturday, August 25, 2007
Germaine's farewell!
Airport is @^(#$%@ far away....

Haha we got bored and decided to charm old Ronald McDonald:

Uh devoted kind?


Wah the innocent kind


The Cheerleader Care Bear we bought for Germaine!

My McDonalds Kids Meal toy!

This photo would look nice if it weren't for the french fries.

Bye Germaine!!!

Sigh was forced to go for this dinner last night and my mom put me at the table of so-called YOUTH (who were all single/married yuppies) where I didn't know anyone?

Yuppie= young working university graduate (I am putting this in because I was asked what a yuppie was..)

Sigh spent alot of time stoning/messaging- thank goodness for technology.

They were all very fascinated with my ability to type without looking at the keypad and even wanted to time how long I'd take to type superkalifragilisticespealidocious (I just tried spelling that how it sounded like).

Spoke mostly to the vegeterian yuppie yeah I'm so coolzz and introduced her to the calculator tricks of our generation (do not ask why I had a calculator in my bag, I had McDonald's Apple Pie and french fries too).
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