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Monday, August 20, 2007
Jesse's birthday party at Sentosa on Saturday was very fun!

It was extremely out of the way though....... haha Kimberly can attest to that since she sat rotting at the VivoCity bus stop for half an hour waiting for me.

We went up to Toys R Us to buy Jesse something and decided on waterguns and bubble blowers! And we bought party hats which somehow were lost/forgotten/destroyed (JOSHUA MOK!!) within an hour of the party.

No visit is complete without a photo in the train... (omgz losers haha)

Kimberly felt short and insisted on another photo:

Lovely time with lovely people, haha Kimberly's like my 2nd ever PAE friend and we lurbe lurbe each other hahaha.

Eh why never get any pictures of me in party hat!

Hotel Room! At Siloso Beach Resort:

3 cooliozz and my Superman ring

4 MEGA cooliozz

We have many seKret plans one hahaha

HAHA yeah Mok's the man!

The carpet got soaking wet and it was mega gross, a squelching carpet!

The girl to boy ratio was like, literally 1girl :5+ boys. The few girls were namely Kimberly, Kris and I, and one or two others that popped in and out.

Haha boys will be boys, they played Wii soccer and tennis for eons while music played and Joshua Mok kept scolding us and telling us to keep quiet.

(Yes Mok turned strangely strict and responsible for the night hahaha)

Birthday boy! Who got many many bottles for his birthday! Although there weren't that many bottles left by the end of it.

(1)Wah everybody help themselves to my camera hahaha

See so many boys.


Sleepy, boys kept playing Wii

(2)Yah lorz see now got random people in my camera

Some of the 18year olds went to Cafe Del Mar but they were being strict that night and Roy got busted hahahaha.
Haha we brought the party to the poolside cos the room was too crammed. I ventured a little too far into the pool and got my ass wet, Kris kept sneaking away the vodka and conked out and the rest of us just got a little happy haha.

Jesse they all came back from Cafe Del Mar halfway and he was veddy high hahahaha and rather different. We all ended up at the beach where Kim and I amused ourselves cartwheeling and spying on couples on the Cafe Del Mar daybeds.

Leaving to go home, unglam already.

Trying to get a cab at night in Sentosa is just freaking IMPOSSIBLE. We left the hotel at 3am and half and hour later we were still walking and trying to call a damn cab but none would come into Sentosa. Thank goodness we managed to hitch a ride from Roy's parents out of Sentosa.

Kimberly's blog: "5 of us squashed at the back with me on Sophie's lap and Abel on Daniel's lap and Roy veh comfortably between all of us."

Haha Kimberly the only East-sider went off in her cab while we happy centrally located people (Abel, Daniel and I) get to share cab $_$ yay.

Ooooh I found an almost-new foolscap pad in school today. Wowza ain't that lucky $_$ hahahaha.
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