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Saturday, September 22, 2007
Carmen: "Eh I realise you've been eating alot"
o.O yah I'm growing fatttt

Haha Addie, Carmen and I went over to SAS for lunch the other day, it's uh maybe 50cents cheaper if you're lucky.....

"Okay extremely tired and no sophie to entertain me for the night so I shall take my leave ha ha ha" - Addie, because I slept at 11pm last night haha, and uh woke up close to noon today oops...

Boring week, skipped school on Wednesday and was late every other day except Monday. Still doing just as badly on tests as ever although I'm one week away from Promos ):

But promos over in 1month 3weeks 2weeks! Start making plans with me people (((: hahaha this sounds damn pathetic

Darrell doesn't believe me when I say that I've never been attached........
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