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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I love my zombie on Facebook! I spend the whole day waiting till it's allowed to fight again :o Hahahaha I nominated Roy for "Most Likely to Die a Virgin", go back me up by voting.

I was complaining to my mom about my body and instead of saying
"You're lovely as you are";
nor "Yah fatty go diet" (haha which is something she might say)

She answers: "CANNOT BE GET FROM MY GENES" ...............

I'm such a loser, but a happy one at that because I just downloaded alot of new Fonts
Yes I know the text is not very creative but at least it's uhh.. accurate?

The screen of my phone is completely cracked, there's a huge gash down the middle and I can't see half the screen. (Haha source me out in school to see the possible downfalls of technology)
Everything functions perfectly fine but it's a pain to try reading an sms.
Repair would cost $100+ WTF even with warranty.
Grr so I'm currently using a friend's Motorola, I HATE IT SO ANNOYING.


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