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Friday, September 28, 2007
Lunched on Sunday after church.

Because Rachel is extremely vain.

We got bored after church and went over to the one opposite which we discovered has like a dance studio.

Rachel showing me her b-b-ballet

HAHAHAHA she looks like a happy bouncing leprechaun

We met Paul and ate at Delifrance cos Rachel said we must support my French culture (and Delifrance doesn't even exist in France)

There was another photo but Paul secretly deleted it cos he didn't like it wah so slyyy

Rachel: "Eh let's go take neoprints!"
Paul and Sophie: "NO"

Haha whatever Sophie don't pretend, at one time you thought Neoprints were keWl (but then again I was very young, and Rachel is 19.............)

Been sleeping adequately this whole week, overslept today and missed my consultation with Mdm Habibah omg...

GP on Monday was alright-ish, BIO SPA Tuesday was pretty bad, and French exam Wed-Fri (yes 3 days, so dumbbbb right) told me that I should start attending french lessons more often.

At this time next week I'll be out in town or something cos Promos are over! (hahaha shit later I got no friends end up on facebook/neopets/friendster at home er..)
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